Producer: VERMODJE
Model: Liothyronine Sodium 100 tablets 0.05mg

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Pack: 100 tablets 0.05mg

Substance: Liothyronine Sodium


Cytover is a strong fat-burning steroid drug, has no anabolic and androgenic activity. The base of the drug is artificial thyroid hormone triiodthyronine. It is most commonly used by bodybuilders. It is produced by the popular pharmaceutical firm Vermodji from Moldova. Our store has a wide range of fat-burning drugs, among which you can buy Cytover VERMODJE 100 tablets (1 tablet 50 μg) in Astana with delivery to any city of Kazakhstan without leaving the house.

Description and operation of sports medicine

The drug Citovir is produced by the Moldovan pharmaceutical firm Vermodji. The main substance in the composition is thyroid hormone triiodthyronine. The drug can be considered saving athletes, as well as a problem. Incorrect dosage can lead to severe muscle loss. Therefore, the drug is taken not in grams, but micrograms. The hormone has a fast effect. Its first action after application begins to manifest itself in 4-8 hours. When used, does not cause allergic reactions. It does not refer to steroids of anabolic androgen effect. The active component of lyoteronin-sodium in its structure, action is almost identical to the natural hormone of the thyroid gland. Artificial substance stimulates processes, as does natural TK.

In sports practice it is most often used in bodybuilding. Athletes adopt Citovir as a metabolic enhancer in the body, which causes accelerated metabolism and eventually decreased fat deposits. It is used for final preparation for competitions to achieve the effect of drying muscle mass, which is characterized by the absence of excess fat deposits. Often used by girls/women in their sports practice. The exchange rate must not exceed 6 weeks. After the course it is recommended to refrain from fat-burning substance for a couple of months. An exclusively oral formulation in the form of tablets.