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Basic property:

Winstrol is the trade name for the synthetic substance Stanozolol. Use began in veterinary medicine in 1962. It was later approved by the FDA for widespread human use. Injectable Stanozolol. Unlike other injections, it is an aqueous suspension, has a high bioavailability and stability. The metabolism has a minor effect on the liver.

The parameters of anabolic steroid:

  • no aromatic additives;
  • low androgenic activity;
  • prolonged action up to 8 hours;
  • moderate toxicity;
  • has anti-estrogenic and anti-progestogenic effects.

Based on the last point, the safety of the drug is the impossibility of converting Winstrol into estrogens. Therefore, the risk of swelling, fluid retention, gynecomastia is excluded. Due to minimal side effects, Stanozolol sportswear is quite popular among bodybuilders.

Efficiency of use:

The injectable course of Stanozolol is resorted to by athletes with a decent body weight mainly for "drying". Due to the low androgenic activity, the use of the drug by the fairer sex is permissible. Today, Stanozolol is used by women for weight loss. On the use of Winstrol for these purposes, there are numerous positive reviews.

Injection course Winstrol promotes: the appearance of muscle relief in the absence of growth in volume. Becomes pronounced venous mesh, increases the reduction of fat cells; excretion of excess fluid accumulated, getting rid of increased hydration of cells; creating a connection between hormones. Globulin decreases, efficiency from the use of AAS increases; growth of indicators of strength, endurance; increase of appetite.

How to take Stanozolol:

A solo course of Stanozolol will suit people with a decent body weight. Now let's figure out how to prick Stanozolol. The drug does not require gluteal administration. Injections of Stanozolol (Winstrol) can be done in the biceps, triceps, and deltoid muscle. You will get high-quality relief and elasticity, simultaneously increasing strength and endurance.

The daily dose is 50 mg of the drug. Take for 4-6 weeks. When using a steroid, the dose should be halved. For normalization of physiological indicators of an organism after the termination of the course use of Winstrol it is necessary to pass to PKT.