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This drug, the main supplier of which is the United States, differs from other testosterone derivatives in the presence of a longer molecular chain. The steroid is 50% excreted from the body within a week. The half-life of Testosterone Cypionate lasts up to 16 days.

A characteristic feature is the pronounced ability to retain fluid in the body, which is usually not typical of anabolic steroids. The drug is used during the period of muscle mass gain, and its use is allowed simultaneously with other means.

Effects of the active substance:

Testosterone Cypionate is often used in the sports environment due to the following effects on the human body: Increases strength performance, promotes faster muscle gain, if Testosterone Cypionate is prescribed by the course. Leads to the formation of androgenic effects. Accumulating during the reception of the drug in the body fluid is very quickly excreted as soon as the drug is canceled. Reserving water leads to the conversion of testosterone into estrogens. It should also be added that after the abolition of the steroid, along with water, a part of the gained muscle mass is lost.  Promotes the development of endurance. Improves the quality of and returns in a result training facilities.  Effectively improves the motivation of the athlete and the General mood.

Rules of use of the drug in bodybuilding:

Sold Testosterone Cypionate at an affordable price. Experts recommend its use in the form of injections with periodicity once a week. More rarely do injections make no sense, because in the body then will not be maintained a constant concentration of the main active substance.

The dosage for a single dose can be 250 or 500 mg. according to available data, the drug belongs to one of the best as an independent course of administration. If the dosage begins to exceed the recommended, the effectiveness and improvement of indicators does not occur, but the probability of developing side effects increases significantly.

Combination of Testosterone Cypionate with other drugs:

As for the joint use of Testosterone Cypionate with other drugs, it is recommended to prescribe it simultaneously with Tamoxifen. The proposed combination eventually leads to blocking the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. In addition, the drug is combined with Nandrolone. It should be emphasized that the effects obtained from the joint reception will be slightly different if compared with a solo course.