Nandrobolin 200 Alpha-Pharma


Nandrobolin 200 Alpha-Pharma


Producer: Alpha-Pharma
Model: Nandrolone Decanoate 1 vial of 2ml (100mg/ml)

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Pack: 1 vial of 2ml (100mg/ml)

Substance: Nandrolone Decanoate

Brand: Alpha-Pharma

Deca – trading company Organon brand name for nandrolone decanoate injection. This steroid has a long history as a medicinal product was launched on the market in 1962. Nandrolone dekanoat- extremely long vsasyvayuschiysya drug by long dekanoatnogo ether it is absorbed into the bloodstream within 3-4 weeks after injection, Nandrobolin in Australia is used to improve muscle growth.
Nandrolone decanoate – one of the most popular in the world of anabolic steroids, because of their favorable properties. Structurally, Nandrolone is similar to testosterone, and differs from it only in the absence of carbon 19 in the position for which he is still referred to as 19nortestosteronom. This change makes the formulation much less androgenic compared to testosterone. It also changes play a role in terms of side effects, Nandrobolin in Australia is used to improve muscle growth.

Nandrolone decanoate is a very anabolic, moderate androgenic form of northestherty, which was the most commonly used drug to create rapid muscle mass build-up or as a diet of “protein sparing” medication by athletes of all kinds. This is more than the nandrolone of durable Durabolin, so some water retention has led with long-term administration (especially in higher doses). A large nitrogen surplus occurs using nandrolone drugs, and therefore high protein intake was mandatory for all registered users. If you read the section on protein, you know that nitrogen in the bound form is part of the protein/amino acids. With nandrolone promotes nitrogen storage in muscle cells (positive nitrogen balance) and then the cell contains more protein for growth and recovery than usual. Remember: This can only happen if above normal calories (with an emphasis on protein) have been swallowed. With nandrolone moderately androgen, good income strength also led. Another plus for nandrolone that most users experienced a co-treatment effect during cycles and suppressed cortisol/cortisone activity in connection with nandrolone ability to long-term block cortisol receptors. So the aromatization was low, in 200-400 mg weekly doses, anti-estrogens are not usually necessary to avoid gynecomastia and estrogenic induced side effects. Based on available research and available information, it seems that liver toxicity is unknown from nandrolone. So it was no surprise to find that even those with liver disease used this drug with great success.

Total doses for men were 200-600 per week. Although doses of over 400 mg per week caused more water delays. For the first use of doses over 400 mg per week, I chose to add 50-100 mg Deci in each of the 2 weekly injections. This is because Durabolin acts much faster, and therefore creates an opportunity for water retention and gynecomastia. (This refers to the first -time users) An additional advantage of this method is that nandrolone decanoate starts meaning activity for 6 days and peaks about 8 days after administration. Than quicker acting Durabolin “with legs in” approximately in 1 day. It also led to an increase in the “quality” of muscle tissue profits.