Primobolan 200 Dragon Pharma



Primobolan 200 Dragon Pharma


Producer: Dragon Pharma
Model: Methenolone Enanthate 10 mL vial (200 mg/mL)

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Pack: 10 mL vial (200 mg/mL)

Substance: Methenolone Enanthate

Brand: Dragon Pharma

Primobolan 200 steroid without side effects is the holy grail that bodybuilders are looking for amateurs, beginners, professionals, and even girls. Everyone wants to speed up getting the desired results without significant interference with the hormonal system. It is for this group of people created primobolan (primobolan).

If among oral steroids the title of such a Grail went to oxandrolone, then among the injections, the undisputed leader is Primobolan. This is an excellent anabolic with no side effects that fits perfectly into any course. Primobolan’s course is especially popular in fitness, in mens-physicist and bodybuilding in general, but this does not prevent its demand in other sports, such as athletics, football, martial arts and even tennis.

Buy Primobolan 200 should be in cases where you want to either build up high-quality muscle mass, or lose weight smoothly and safely while maintaining muscle mass and fixing the result of drying. Of course, for the 100% effect you will need other steroids, but in the context of these tasks, the prima can become a leading drug, because of its unique properties.

At the moment, Primobolan is actively acquired by athletes from a wide variety of sports, and its uses are also different. Primobolan for women is no worse than oxandrolone and other soft steroids. Yes, I take it is considered a soft drug, but at the same time its competent application can give an unreal result with an absolute zero side.

The drug is sold under different names: Primobolan, Primobol, Primobolan Depot, Pharmaprim 100, etc. In injectable variants of primo, methenolone enanthate is used. There is also a useless oral compound-based version for athletes – metenolone acetate.

Primobolan course: steroid profile, what is primobolan
Primobolan is an anabolic with low androgenic activity. Its anabolic activity is far from such giants as Winstrol or Anapolon, but at the same time, given the goals and characteristics of its use, this property can not be called a disadvantage.

The active substance is methenolone in the form of enanthate. That is why you can see another name of prima – Primobolan enanthate. The half-life is similar to testosterone enke, which allows you to put rare injections and at the same time have an even hormonal background.

In effect, it is more like boldenone, but still has a number of differences. On boldenone can not grow purely dry muscle mass. A small amount of water will still be there. Primobolan in the right compote drug can give such an effect. In addition, unlike all his elder brethren, he is the safest, which attracts newcomers to bikini-athletes.

Primobolan 200 course can be used for weight loss with obtaining relief, or for a slow but steady set of dry meat. It is important to note that recovery from primo is much faster. For this reason, it is used by pro-bodybuilders in their “bridges” on eternal “courses”. It is believed that Primobolan is able to inhibit the production of testosterone, but in reasonable dosages it can be successfully used for the bridge, as the body-building practice of the professional level shows.

Fans want to buy methenolone due to the lack of side effects and convenient positive qualities, in particular, due to the acquisition of relief, because as you know, your athletic appearance depends on it.

Many buyers ask us: “Should I buy it?”. Of course, it all depends on your training goals, but thanks to the versatility of prima, often its purchase is almost always justified. Whether you want to build up high-quality meat, or slacken off with muscle preservation – in all these cases, you can safely buy primobolan.