Sustaplex 325 Axio Labs


Sustaplex 325 Axio Labs


Producer: Axio Labs
Model: Testosterone Mix 1 vial 325mg/ml

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Pack: 1 vial 325mg/ml

Substance: Testosterone Mix

Brand: Axio Labs

Sustaplex 325 AxioLabs is a very popular steroid, very much appreciated by its users due to its advantages over other testosteron compounds. Sustaplex 325 represents a mixture of 4 different testosterones: testosterone phenylpropionate, testosterone isocaproate, testosterone propionate and testosterone decanoate, which, based on the well-timed composition, have a synergetic effect.


Due to its benefits of less fat deposition and less water retention, many bodybuilders and athletes in the United Kingdom jumped onto the bandwagon of using them to make their muscles look good. Sustaplex 325 can promote muscle size, body strength, muscle function as well as nitrogen retention gains. Nitrogen retention plays a pivotal role in the preservation and growth of muscles. To look good, UK bodybuilders tend to diet and during which the caloric intake falls to a deficit level. People tend to burn additional calories than consumption in hopes to burn some body fat. During the process, there is a loss of lean tissue and the function of Sustaplex 325 is to prevent this from happening. In cases where individuals are diagnosed with HIV or AIDS, this steroid can assist to prevent the existing muscles from degenerating. Users of Sustaplex 325 also experience improvements in their erectile and libido function.

One of the strong points of Sustaplex 325 is its ability to offer testosterone over a period of time. The idea of using this steroid is to keep performance levels stable at peak levels. Therefore, for it to function at optimal rate, one must utilize it every three days as the dose lessens as time passes by. It is best to consult professional help to cater to your needs and requirements as well as to enjoy the full benefits of this testosterone hormone.