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  • Triceps: structure and functionality
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Working out the triceps at home can be a good alternative to exercising in gyms. Due to the dynamic rhythm of life, not every man has time to practice with a trainer in gyms, on simulators. In order to keep your arms beautiful and strong, you can exercise at home, using your own weight and a minimum of equipment, for example, you can do only dumbbells.

Triceps: structure and functionality

The triceps is a triceps muscle that extends the posterior group of the shoulder and is located on its back surface. The muscle is involved in almost all movements of the hands, occupying two thirds of its muscles, therefore, all the strength of the hands is largely due to the development of the triceps. Muscle has three muscle bundles (heads): lateral, medial, which originate on the shoulder and long, starting on the scapula. Visually, such a structure of three beams resembles the shape of a horseshoe.

The main function of the triceps – the movement of the arms back to the body, as well as ensuring the extension and flexion of the forearm at the elbow.

Elaboration of the triceps, contributes to the increase and strengthening of the biceps and vice versa. The proximity of these muscles allows you to increase the flow of blood into the muscles of the hands, saturate with nutrients and increase their volume during exercise. Pumped up triceps together with biceps make the hands of a man beautiful, harmoniously developed and strong.


Basic training to increase and enhance the triceps are based on his extension. Moreover, during these extensions, all 3 beams of the triceps horseshoes are used, and the load on a specific head varies from the position of the arms and the trajectory of their movement depending on the exercise performed.

The shape of the triceps can not be changed by training, it is laid genetically. You can only increase their volume and strength.

It is worth considering that the triceps is worked out when exercises for the pectoral muscles are performed, for example: push-ups, bench press, pull-ups. Therefore, the training program should be compiled with the training of these muscles on different days, with a gap for rest. Or, on the contrary, the training should be combined in one day, and then give the muscles a rest. The optimal frequency of training – 2 times a week, with different intensity load.

Basic exercises

Before any exercise, and triceps exercises are no exception, it is important to warm up. This will help warm up the muscles, improve blood circulation, saturate the body with oxygen.

More on the workout: Warm up for men before workouts.

Consider the most effective and affordable exercises.

Push ups from the bench

In a simple version of this exercise, you will need one bench (chair, bed, another surface) on which you need to sit, resting on its edges with your hands, which need to be pressed against the body. Privat, pushing the body forward and gently lower near the bench.

It is necessary to go down on a breath to the moment, until the tension of the triceps is felt. Having made the maximum lowering, on exhalation, you need to raise the body by straightening the arms.

While bending your arms, you should not move your elbows to the sides to prevent injuries and a greater effect on the muscles you are working on. It is necessary to unbend hands completely, having fixed on peak of rise.

To increase the load on the muscle being worked out, you can use the second bench, setting it parallel to the first one and putting the legs on it.

You can also increase the load by putting additional weight on the hips.

Performing this exercise does not need to help the feet. This reduces the load on the arm muscles and increases the likelihood of a negative effect on the lower back.

Push ups narrow grip

For push-ups with the aim of working out the triceps, it is necessary to rest against the floor with palms placed together. While inhaling, make the lowering of the body, and while exhaling, extend the arms, raising the body. The body should be kept straight, and arms pressed to the body. At the top point you need to try to lock in, feeling the tension of the triceps.

A complicated option is pushing with one hand, while the other can be worn behind your back. Such an exercise requires a certain physical fitness. If you can not first be wrung out with one hand, you can start by holding the strap on one hand.

French press

In the presence of dumbbells (barbell, other weights), you can perform the press because of the head. Exercise to treat insulating, its effectiveness is determined by the distribution of the main load on the triceps muscle.

The French bench press can be performed from sitting, standing and lying on a bench. The exercise is performed in the following sequence:

  • Stand or sit on a chair, stretch your arms with dumbbells up.
    • While inhaling, bend your arms at the elbow, putting dumbbells behind your head.
    • As you exhale, straighten your arms in your elbow, lifting the dumbbells up. All movements should be performed only by the muscles of the triceps without the help of the body.
    • Slowly return the arm with the dumbbell behind your back, bending it at the elbow.

Slant arm extension

To perform this exercise, you need to stand next to the bench, leaning into it with one hand. The supporting arm should be perpendicular to the bench, and the hull should be placed parallel to the floor.

With a free hand, you need to take a dumbbell, raise the elbow to the level of the back or slightly higher, and the forearm should be perpendicular to the floor.

On the exhale, you must straighten the arm, straining the triceps, holding the elbow motionless. Exhalation should be fully completed when the dumbbell reaches the top point and the muscle tension of the arm is maximum. On the inhale, the hand drops to its original position.

For exercises with dumbbells or other weight, the weight is selected individually, taking into account physical fitness. At first, exercises with low weight are performed, with a gradual increase in load.

Horizontal bar and parallel bars

With the availability of such devices, you can use them to work on the muscles of the hands.
For the triceps will be effective push-ups on the bars with a narrow arrangement of handrails. When pushing the body must be kept smooth, not tilting forward. It is recommended to press the elbows against the body, and when lifting up, the arms should form a straight line, fully straightening.

When tightening the horizontal bar loaded almost all the muscles of the hands. For the triceps, the greatest load will be when tightening with a classic and narrow grip, when the palms are directed away from you. It is important to pull up as high as possible and slowly descend.

Training program

To achieve tangible results, exercises should be performed 2-3 times a week. Moreover, exercises with their own weight, such as: push-ups from the floor, push-ups from the bench, pull-ups on the horizontal bar and parallel bars can be done every other day, and isolating which include triceps exercises with dumbbells or other weights – no more than 1 time per week. It will be effective to combine the work of the biceps with the triceps. For beauty and proportional development of the hands do not forget about the forearms.

To eliminate injuries and greater efficiency, warm up before a workout. Another component of success is good sleep and healthy nutrition. A full meal is recommended 2 hours before a workout.

Observing the rules of training and perseverance, you can increase the volume and strength of hands in a relatively short time.

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