How are chicken and quail eggs useful and harmful?


  • The benefits and harm of chicken eggs
  • Chicken eggs for men
  • Raw eggs
  • Quail eggs benefit and harm
  • The benefits and harm for men

Due to its composition, eggs from ancient times to the present day have been and remain one of the most useful and nutritious natural products, the correct and rationed use of which brings great benefits to the body.

The benefits and harm of chicken eggs

As with any product, there are both benefits and harms from chicken eggs. It is necessary to know the properties of this product, so that taking eggs would be extremely beneficial. The average egg weighs 50 grams and consists of protein, yolk and shell. Egg white is made up of water, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, glucose, and vitamins. The yolk is 8 times more nutritious than protein and contains approximately 2.7 g of proteins, 139 mg of cholesterol, 0.61 g of carbohydrates and 4.51 g of fat.


The protein contained in the egg is well absorbed and includes almost all the amino acids the body needs. An egg contains about 15% of the daily protein norm, which is not inferior in its properties to milk and meat proteins.
The egg contains leucine and methionine, essential for building proteins, amino acids.

In chicken eggs there are many vitamins A, E, D, and a number of vitamins B. Therefore, if you use eggs, the protective properties of the body become stronger and the metabolism improves.

Eggs contain a lot of iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, which normalizes the nervous system, a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, helps to improve blood circulation.
The presence of useful elements has a beneficial effect on vision, brain function, memory strengthening.

Calcium, fluorine, calcium, vitamins A, B, E, D improve the condition of bones, teeth, hair and skin.

Chicken eggs for men

In addition to the above positive properties, chicken eggs improve potency, endurance and strength in men. This is facilitated by the protein that the body needs, and the presence of selenium in chicken eggs contributes to the production of testosterone, which is necessary for men.

Cholesterol in eggs, within the normal range, is also necessary for the body. Thanks to him, the immune system is maintained, it is needed for the production of cortisol and testosterone. In order to prevent an excess of cholesterol in the body, you need to keep an active lifestyle, use products with a high content of it within reasonable limits.

Raw eggs

Opinions of experts about the benefits of eating raw eggs diverge. Some insist on the usefulness of raw eggs, motivating it by the fact that all the healthy fats, proteins, vitamins and trace elements intact are stored in raw eggs and have a greater value than boiled ones.

For the assimilation of raw eggs consumes less resources and energy of the body than the processing of boiled. Also, raw eggs are absorbed when the body needs the substances contained in them. Otherwise, the egg will eventually be removed from the body, which will not lead to obesity.

Raw eggs are most useful when consumed on an empty stomach.

Other experts say that raw eggs, especially protein, overload the stomach and worse digested. In addition, there are other hazards when eating raw eggs:

  • Salmonella infection.
  • The ingestion of hormones and antibiotics in the body, if used in feeding chickens. These substances level all the positive properties of raw eggs and adversely affect health.

The best option for eating chicken eggs is boiled soft-boiled egg. In such an egg, many useful and nutrients remain, and pathogens disappear. It cannot be said that with this method of preparation, the causative agents of salmonellosis will disappear completely, but a healthy organism can easily cope with its residues.

To determine the freshness of the egg, it must be immersed in water. If the egg sank, it is fresh. A floating egg on the surface of the water, on the contrary, speaks of its ignorance.

Most experts, based on scientific studies, recommend eating up to three chicken eggs per day. Such a rule does not adversely affect the body and fills it with useful and nutrients.

Quail eggs benefit and harm

The average quail egg weighs 12 grams, consists of protein, yolk and white shell with brown or black spots. The composition of quail eggs includes a large number of biologically active and nutrients, several times more than in chicken.


The protein of these eggs contains many amino acids, protein and interferon, which prevents the invasion of viruses, helps to prevent and restore inflammatory processes.

In the yolk of the testicles a lot of carotene, vitamins A, E, D, B1, B2, B5, B6, B12. Such a concentration of nutrients stimulates the brain, improves the ability to remember and attentiveness, normalizes the functioning of the nervous system.

Quail eggs in their composition are rich in iron, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, copper, magnesium, zinc, cobalt and other useful elements necessary for the body.

Useful components found in quail eggs have a good effect on vision and stomach, and help restore strength after physical exertion.

The benefits and harm for men

Useful components of quail eggs, improve the work of the prostate gland, increase potency, promote better processing of food and its absorption by the body, stimulate the brain.

With regular consumption of this product in moderation, the level of cholesterol does not increase, a surplus of which causes cardiovascular diseases, weak erection, weight gain.

The greatest effectiveness is observed when using 2-3 raw eggs per day before meals.

At the same time, there is a myth that one cannot get sick with salmonella from quail eggs. This is a misconception. Quail, though she herself is not sick with salmonella, but can be a carrier of salmonella, like any other bird.

Therefore, it is advisable to consume eggs after heat treatment. When eating raw eggs, it is necessary to rinse well and hold for a few minutes in soda solution.

Cooking methods

Eggs must be washed before cooking. Put in a bowl with cold water, bring to a boil and boil for 5 minutes to get hard boiled eggs. For boiled eggs, boil them for 2 minutes.

To separate the shell better, ready-made eggs should be doused with cold water.

Like chicken eggs, quail eggs can be simply roasted.

A very popular cocktail recipe, which is used to improve erection. To cook it use:

  • Two fresh quail eggs.
  • Twenty grams of cognac.
  • One hundred and twenty grams of Coca-Cola.
  • Two tea spoons of sugar.
  • One slice of lemon.

Mix everything with a mixer and add some mineral water. This cocktail is called the counterpart of “Viagra”.

Quail eggs themselves are not a panacea for all diseases. For efficiency, besides eating eggs, you need to eat only healthy food, give up bad habits and establish proper rest. As with any product, quail eggs should not be abused in order to avoid allergic reactions and indigestion.

When choosing eggs you need to pay attention to their freshness. If you put an egg in your palm, fresh will be full and heavy, and not fresh will be very light. The shelf life of quail eggs is no more than a month at a temperature not higher than 20 degrees. Eggs must be whole, without cracks.

It is safe to say that the benefits of eating eggs for people who do not have allergies to them and the contraindications are much greater than the potential harm. The main thing is that the food should be as varied as possible, then the insignificant disadvantages of a product overlap with the advantages of another.

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