How to learn to do the rivet on the bar


  • Benefit
  • Performance technique
  • How to learn to perform riveting
  • Basic mistakes and tips

A popular element on the horizontal bar, which is carried out to a greater extent due to the technology – lifting with a bend, also called a rivet. It is performed by swaying, swinging legs and shoulders for fixing on straight arms over the crossbar. Despite the seeming simplicity of the element, most will need time to master the technique of execution.

Before doing the exercises, do not forget about the warm-up – a prerequisite before any exercise. Before the rivet, it is especially necessary to warm up the shoulder joints, lower back and hands.


Performing a rivet strengthens and increases the muscles of the shoulders, strengthens the forearm and hands. The muscles of the back, abs and legs are being worked out.

Rise elevation improves body coordination and is a stepping stone to more complex elements.

Performance technique

The exercise is performed in the following sequence:

  1. Hang on the crossbar and start rocking.
  2. When swinging, when the legs are in front at the maximum point, you should raise them to the horizontal bar.

Legs should be kept smooth so that the ankles are at the level of the horizontal bar bar.

  1. Moving backward by inertia, you need to throw your legs forward, raising your pelvis, and simultaneously lift your shoulders in synchronization with even hands.

Training on the horizontal bar is recommended to be performed in straps so that in case of loosening of the grip, do not fall off the horizontal bar and get injured.

How to learn to perform riveting

If the exercise did not succumb from the first time, it is recommended to work out each stage of the lift separately:

Rocking or swinging . When moving forward, the legs should be carried out as far as possible, and when moving backward, they should be raised in the shoulders, keeping the arms level. When swinging, the shoulders should be relaxed.

Raising legs. Try, on a crossbar, raise your legs to the top. This exercise strengthens the muscles of the back, abdominals and will increase the hands.

Repulsion with feet. When lifting the legs is mastered, it is worthwhile to work out the simultaneous swinging and pushing of the legs forward, trying to bring the pelvis to the horizontal bar and moving its shoulders up.

More clearly all the elements can be viewed in the video tutorial:

Basic mistakes and tips

The most common mistake when failing to perform an exercise is to raise your legs too early or late. Another common mistake – a weak push of the legs, after raising to the crossbar.

For faster mastering of the rivets, it is better to start training at a low horizontal bar. In this case, it will be easier to master the technique of execution, pushing with your feet off the surface while rocking and doing your feet.

There is an opinion that you do not need to be able to pull up to do the exercise. To some extent this is correct, since the riveting is performed by technology. However, with weak hands it does not work out, even just hanging on the bar for a short time. Therefore, physical training is necessary, including the ability to pull up at least several times.

If it is possible to record your workouts on video, you will be able to see the errors from the outside and work on them purposefully.

Constantly train, analyze mistakes, and the rivet will definitely work.

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