How to learn to do two access to the bar


  • Two exit on the horizontal bar by force
  • Performance technique
  • Auxiliary exercises
  • What muscles work when two hands reach
  • Benefits of exercise

Two hands on the horizontal bar – a spectacular, beautiful and spectacular exercise. It can be done in several ways – power and with the help of the buildup, in the final stage, fixing it in an emphasis on the horizontal bar with straight hands.

Two exit on the horizontal bar by force

The exit on two force is considered basic in Workout. Exercise is effective for maintaining physical fitness. At the same time, without minimal physical training, it is rather difficult to do this exercise.
Quitting by force is a universal exercise that includes jerking, pushing and pressing. First you need to pull up high, then throw your hands over the horizontal bar and wring out from it, raising the torso. To learn how to combine all these three components into one exercise, you need strength, coordination and practical skills.

Power output in 5 minutes

Perhaps someone such a period of study seems fantastic, but it is not yet watch the video below. In 5 minutes, not everyone will be able to master the element, but it is possible to significantly reduce the training time by mastering the principle of its execution. Learning to do the exercise is divided into three stages.

Performance technique

  • Make a small jock forward, pushing the chest as far as possible, forming a small backbend.
  • When moving back, raise your legs and throw yourself on the horizontal bar along the arc path.
  • Lower legs, squeezing over the crossbar.

The higher the legs are raised, the easier the exit is.

Technique without swinging

  • Hanging on the crossbar, you need to bend your back, putting your legs and shoulders back, and your belly forward, forming an arc through your body.
  • The second step is to make a sharp (explosive) pulling up to the level of the chest or abdomen.
  • At the same time, you need to bring both elbows over the bar together.
  • Straighten your arms by pushups.

You can try to do an exercise, pulling your chin above the level of the horizontal bar, swing and move your body back, throw elbows above the crossbar.

Auxiliary exercises

In most cases, the exit from the first time does not work. For any method of execution requires strength in the hands. To strengthen, and at the same time pump up your hands, read the following articles: Exercise for the triceps at home and basic exercises for biceps at home .

For the power method of performing the element, you must be able to pull up How to learn this, you can read in the article: how to learn to pull up on the bar from scratch .

The following exercises are very effective before mastering the exit to two hands:

High pull-ups. Regular pull-ups will not help to master the element. Even if you pull up more than 20 times in one go, the output may not work. You must learn to pull up as high as possible – to the bottom of the chest or abdomen.

Blast pull-ups. You need to learn to pull up with a jerk, using the energy of movement of the whole body.

One hand exit (check box).  You should learn to put each hand over the bar and try to stay in this position as long as possible. This will help strengthen the muscles of the shoulders and arms. After mastering throwing the elbow over the crossbar with one hand, you need to throw the elbow of the other hand on top of the crossbar and push up.

Push up from the horizontal bar. Sometimes the difficulty of performing an exercise arises at the final stage due to the inability to be wrung out from the crossbar due to a weak triceps. It is this exercise that will help strengthen the triceps muscle.

Push up on the uneven bars. Like the push-ups on the horizontal bar, the exercise develops triceps and chest muscles, which are involved in two arms.

Exercises for the hand. Even with good physical training, but with weak hands will not work out, not only access to two, but most of the other exercises on the bar. To strengthen them, you can use dumbbells, making alternate flexion of the arms in and out 10-15 times 4-5 approach. Frequent exercises on the horizontal bar also strengthen hands and forearms.

An important role in learning is the press. Therefore, read the article: How to pump up the press at home – effective ways.

What muscles work when two hands reach

Exercise is useful because when it is performed, almost all the muscles of the upper body are involved, are being worked out and strengthened.

The most involved are: triceps, chest muscles, latissimus dorsi, deltoid and brachial muscles.
A little less get the load muscles of the press and biceps. The thigh and lower back muscles are also being worked out when performed with the help of legs and swing.

Benefits of exercise

In addition to strengthening the muscles, the exit to two hands on the horizontal bar perfectly trains the vestibular apparatus and improves the coordination of movement. Unlike conventional exercises in gyms, this element can be useful in some extreme situations of life. It is not in vain that an exercise to overcome low barriers is mandatory for the military, firefighters, and policemen with physical training. It is the power output laid the basis for its implementation.


Be sure to warm up before exercise .

It is better to learn exercises on an average horizontal bar when you can reach with your feet to the ground. On such a horizontal bar you can train an element, pushing with your feet. This will help you quickly master the principle of doing two.

Exercise constantly, but take breaks between workout days for muscle recovery.

Do not give up if the exercise fails. Purposefulness, constant practice will surely bring results. You will learn not only to perform this beautiful exercise, but also significantly strengthen your muscles and health.

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