Impact of nutrition on health

Usually we think little about how we eat, what is the effect of nutrition on health. We perceive food intake as a kind of forced but necessary ritual that allows us to satisfy hunger. At the same time, we try not just to satisfy him, but whenever possible to have a satisfying and tasty meal, without thinking about the consequences. After all, many of our diseases are man-made diseases, that is, we ourselves put a hand to their occurrence. With better nutrition, we can significantly ease diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, liver diseases, arthritis and others.

Food for humans is a source of energy and material for building body tissues. Biologically active substances that come with it, regulate metabolic processes. In addition, food contributes to the formation of human immunity. Therefore, to perform all these functions, the food must contain all the necessary nutrients:

  • squirrels ;
  • fats ;
  • carbohydrates ;
  • fiber ;
  • vitamins ;
  • mineral substances .

Food quality directly affects the health of a person. After all, the food we eat may contain enough substances that are beneficial to our health or insufficient. In the second case, the lack of adequate nutrition can cause various kinds of illness. Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to navigate among the many available food products in order to properly formulate your diet. For a person’s diet, all indicators of food quality are important – both its energy value and the content of all nutrients.

The energy needs of the human body are formed as a result of its activities. The more a person works, the more he spends energy. Nowadays, when a person can, by a barely noticeable movement, turn on a machine that performs work that is impossible even for thousands of human hands, the body spends less and less energy. No wonder the well-known American cardiologist Raab called the modern man “an active loafer.”

Scientists rightly believe that most people who are not engaged in physical work should reduce the caloric content of their diet. At the same time, the amount of protein and a number of other substances in food, according to many scientists, should not decrease.

Of course, a person’s need for energy and the amount of nutrients depends on many factors: his body weight and nature of work, age, climate and gender. A person should receive as much food as was established (for an adult) in accordance with the law of conservation of energy the following balance: how much energy and matter is spent, so much is obtained from outside. If this balance is disturbed, then either obesity or exhaustion occurs.

Therefore, having studied the influence of such basic components of nutrition as proteins , carbohydrates , fats , fiber , vitamins and minerals on our body, we must switch to proper nutrition and not forget to control our weight .

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