Jack Daniels – exquisite taste, high status


  • The history of the brand “Jack Daniels”
  • Whiskey face – his bottle
  • Production technology
  • Jack Daniels varieties
  • How to identify a fake?
  • Methods of drinking whiskey
  • How to make whiskey at home?

Jack Daniels, a favorite by many, not only has a unique taste, but also emphasizes the status of a person who drinks it. You will learn about the history of emergence, production technology and the characteristics of use, as well as how not to buy a fake bottle of whiskey from this article.

The history of the brand “Jack Daniels”

Whiskey “Jack Daniels” is the true symbol of all alcoholic beverages that are produced in the United States. For him, even invented a special subcategory – «Tennessee», named after the state where the original drink is made.

The history of alcohol “Jack Daniels” began in the early 50s. XIX in the town of Lynchburg, located in the US state of Tennessee. Then clergyman Dann Coll hired seven-year-old Jasper “Jack” Daniel to assist him in the production of whiskey. Even at this age, the boy showed great ingenuity and commercial acumen.

With his hands, his whiskey was filtered through a thick coal layer. And the best coal was considered only the one that was obtained from the burnt wood of sugar maple. The dimensions of the filtration layer exceeded the three-meter thickness. After this treatment, the whiskey has become much softer, its taste is very different from the cheap at that time cheap cognac and bourbon.

Bourbon was made only from corn, and barley and rye were not added to the primary mixture. Only one that is made in Kentucky is considered a real bourbon. And “Jack Daniels” from Tennessee – pure whiskey.

The basis of brandy – grape alcohol, which gives the drink a bitter taste with a large percentage of the fortress. Therefore, the favorite alcohol from the square bottle to cognac also does not apply.

They carefully selected the material of the container in which the drink was placed after filtration. Barrels must be made of white oak wood. The inside of the burn, so that the natural juice caramelized and gave the temples a sweetish taste.

Little Jasper also discovered a source of the purest water, which they began to use in the production of raw beverage. Its use improved the taste of whiskey.
Thanks to his talents, Jasper opened his own winery at the age of 13, and at 16 he received permission to make alcohol legally.

He was so carried away by commercial affairs that for all the time he had not created a family. Therefore, the case was inherited by Lam Jess Motlow’s nephew in 1911 after Jack ended. Motlou led the business until 1947. During this period, the world was involved in the Second World War, and in America there was a “dry” law prohibiting the sale of alcoholic beverages.

But despite the difficulties, the plant did not go bankrupt. And soon the distillery was registered as “Jack Daniels Distillery, Lem Motlow, Prop., Inc.”

After winning the elite alcohol exhibition in St. Louis, which was held in 1904, Jack Daniels began to export abroad with great success.

The new recipe for the production of whiskey began master distiller Jack Reir in 1988 to make the drink softer, he was subjected to double filtration. The first time – before pouring into the barrels. After that, the drink was infused for 4 years, and it was softened with charcoal again. Then it was planned to spill in a glass container.

Nowadays, Jeff Arrnet, the seventh leader, is the leader in the production of eminent spirits. He took up his duties in 2008. Each year, Jack Daniels positions on the global alcohol market are only strengthened. And the factory where it is produced, is considered the oldest place in the United States for the production of whiskey.

Whiskey face – his bottle

Thanks to the unusual shape of the bottle of whiskey, “Jack Daniels” is recognizably on display in a store or bar at a glance. But first, alcohol was poured into classic round bottles made of clay. Engraving was applied to the oak cork – “Master Jack”.

In 1985 began the bottling of whiskey in square glass bottles of screw caps. A container of this form was first used in the production of alcohol.
Today, Jack Daniels whiskey bottles on a swing are very popular – a convenient device for filling glasses, in which the bottle leans to the side. They decorate any noisy feast and can be a great gift for a friend.

The label contains all information about the date of bottling, the strength of the drink, the barrel number and the volume of the container.

Production technology

Whiskey can be either single malt or blended. In the manufacture of the first, only barley malt is taken as a basis. Additional ingredients, as true connoisseurs believe, only spoil the aroma and taste. If the blend of alcohols (both grain and malt) is taken as the basis for the primary raw, then a blended whiskey is obtained at the output.

The original composition of the blended whiskey “Jack Daniels” has not changed over the years. In the manufacture of raw materials are used:

  • corn kernels – 80%;
  • rye – 12%;
  • barley malt – 8%.

These ingredients are added to the purified spring water, after which the mixture is fermented on sour mash. Further through the three-meter coal layer, the raw material is filtered. At the same time, “Jack Daniels” almost completely gets rid of fusel oils and sucrose, glucose.

After cleaning the whiskey for aging is placed in oak barrels. The producer determines the readiness of alcohol for bottling by tasting, so the classic 4-year aging of whiskey may not have.
Additional Information. Until 1970, Jack Daniels were sold with a 25- and 12-year exposure.

Jack Daniels varieties

Nowadays, the leading US alcohol concern produces several varieties of whiskey.


  1. Classic variety – blend with different alcohols Old No.7. This drink has a mild flavor with hints of vanilla and caramel. Fortress – 40 degrees.


  1. Single Barrelis a premium whiskey representative. Very mild taste of alcohol is obtained through double filtration, and the strength is slightly higher than the standard – 45 degrees.


  1. Whiskey Silver Selecthas a fairly strong taste with a clear oak shades. Its fortress is 50 degrees.


  1. Tennessee Honeyhas a 35-degree fortress and a special aftertaste of honey. This effect is obtained by mixing classic Tennessee whiskey with honey liqueur.


  1. White Rabbit Saloon– whiskey with 43% alcohol content. It will suit the real connoisseurs of “Jack Daniels”, in his taste combined notes of gingerbread, honey, bananas, mocha, vanilla and black pepper.

These most popular whiskeys are often counterfeited. Therefore, you need to be careful when buying alcohol in any store (on the Internet, in duty-free and other).

How to identify a fake?


Pay attention to the bottle and label. In the original drink:

  • The sharp corners of the bottle;
  • The embossing on the hangers of the container is clear, not blurred;
  • “Pot-bellied” neck and dispenser;
  • Black plastic cover with 1 ribbed belt and black safety film;
  • Relief label, which occupies three sides of the bottle, without traces of glue, is glued exactly.

It is also recommended to carefully examine the original label of the drink so that a fake can be identified through a surface inspection. So, on this whiskey you will not find a single inscription in Russian. Also at the bottom of the sticker must be the code EI – the numbers indicating the date of the spill and the number of the barrel.

Methods of drinking whiskey

True connoisseurs blended whiskey drink it after eating, undiluted, in small portions. Occasionally crushed ice may be added.

Also, whiskey is added to cocktails – with ice and cola or chilled apple juice. Traditionally, the drink is eaten with lemon slices, but gourmets prefer to savor its oak-nut flavor in small sips without adding any products.

Pure alcohol is served in tulip glasses, and cocktails can be kneaded in wide glasses with a thick bottom.

Flow temperature – from 18 to 21 degrees.

How to make whiskey at home?

To make “Jack Daniels” yourself, you need to take 80% of corn grits, 12% of ground barley malt and 8% of rye malt, also ground. Dry ingredients need to be filled with hot water – 20 liters will be enough for 8 kg.
It is necessary to mix the mixture well, wrap in a warm blanket and put in a warm place. The ideal fermentation temperature is 55-64 degrees. Every 15 minutes you need to mix the resulting substance. After an hour, it should be cooled to a temperature of 24-28 degrees and maintain this figure constantly.

After 10 hours, you need to add any yeast – 8 kg is enough for 50 grams. The container is closed with a hydraulic lock (one end of the tube fits into the container and is well sealed, and the other into a glass of water). With its help, carbon dioxide is released, which is formed during fermentation.

After 5 days, the fermentation process is over and you can start filtering. Cover the barbecue container with several layers of gauze and turn it over into another container. After a few hours, the liquid is filtered and can be distilled. To do this, it is better to use copper moonshine, which additionally eliminates the substance from harmful impurities.

The first distillation at the exit can give a drink of low strength. In this case, you need to repeat the entire distillation process.

We proceed to another filtration through the coal column. On a layer of gauze coal is adjusted and covered with a layer of cotton wool. After such a cleaning, the drink will become more tender, and its taste will be softer.

The main goal of the JackDaniels whiskey producer is to achieve a balance of taste and aroma. Therefore, the drink is so popular all over the world. What kind of whiskey to choose, you decide. Have a great time!

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