Prevention of male urethritis


  • Sexual Protection
  • Intimate hygiene
  • Therapy of diseases provoking urethritis
  • Food and drinking mode
  • Improving the protective properties of the body

Urethritis is a disease in which the mucous membrane of the urethra is inflamed. Often, it is the first link in the chain of violations of the functionality of the urinary system of men. High rates of urethritis growth make you think about the observance of preventive measures to prevent the disease.

Sexual Protection

Most often, the development of urethritis is provoked by sexually transmitted infections, therefore, hygiene of the genital organs and the protection of sexual relations are in the first place in the prevention of urethritis. For sexual intercourse, a condom can help protect itself against sexually transmitted diseases, which is used by following recommendations for use. It is advisable to choose a condom with an antiseptic lubricant, which additionally protects against infection.


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In the case of unprotected sexual intercourse, prophylaxis can be carried out after sex, with the help of preparations with a bactericidal, antiviral effect. Betadine is more commonly used, it is effective against urethritis-provoking bacteria (gonococci, pale treponema, trichomonads, herpes). A man needs to be treated with a 10% Betadine solution in the intimate zone, the penis with the foreskin moving away, the scrotum and pubis. You can also enter into the urethra a 5% solution of Betadine or Chlorhexidine, which for this purpose has a special bottle with a pipette tip. Such prevention is recommended to be carried out within two hours after unprotected sexual intercourse.

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Avoiding casual sex and having one sexual partner reduces the risk of disease. Doctors recommend testing for sexually transmitted diseases each year if you have more than one sexual partner and you do not always use a condom.

Intimate hygiene

To prevent inflammation of the urethra, hygiene of the genital organs of both partners before and after sex is important. The penis should be thoroughly flushed, pushing the foreskin away, because accumulated smegma and urine irritate the external opening of the urethra.

Particular attention should be paid to the reaction of the body when using new lubricants, lotions, contraceptives, gels. If an allergic reaction is manifested (redness, swelling, itching), this remedy should be abandoned because irritation of the urethra and the development of the disease is possible.

When choosing underwear, preference should be given to soft and natural tissues that do not irritate the genitals and absorb moisture well. The laundry should be ironed or steamed for disinfection.


Therapy of diseases provoking urethritis

Timely treatment of urolithiasis, in which stones or sand injure the urethra, will significantly reduce the likelihood of urethritis. Also, a quick reorganization of infectious processes in the body ( cystitis , prostatitis , pyelonephritis, balanoposthitis) before they spread to the urethra is necessary.

Congenital or acquired defects in the structure of the genitourinary system violate its functionality. These may be polyps of the urethra, narrowing of the external opening of the urethra, mechanical damage to the urethra during catherisation, cystoscopy, or damage during intense sexual intercourse. Correcting violations and restoring the functionality of the urogenital system will help protect yourself from urethritis.

Food and drinking mode

The condition of the mucous membrane of the urethra directly depends on the products used. Limiting sour, spicy, salty, pickled, alcoholic beverages reduces irritation of the urethra.

Prevents the development of infectious processes in urethritis proper drinking regime. Only if water consumption is not less than 2 liters per day, a reduction in urine concentration can be achieved, which does not irritate the mucous membrane, and the washing of the urethra is ensured by regular urination. Still useful are fruit drinks, herbal teas and freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices. An accessible and effective apple-carrot juice has gained popularity.

Improving the protective properties of the body

The development of an infectious process contributes to a decrease in immunity. Excluding factors leading to a decrease in the protective properties of the organism (stress, excessive loads, chronic diseases, hypothermia, bad habits) increases resistance to the spread of infection. You can also use medicinal plants immunomodulators (echinacea, eleutherococcus, plantain) and bee products. The use of vitamins (A, C, E) and multivitamins (Vitrum, Duovit) will restore balance in the body. The bath has a positive effect. Its therapeutic effect is to improve blood circulation to eliminate foci of infection, improve the synthesis of immunoglobulin and eliminate toxins.

The development of urethritis contributes to a number of factors that can be excluded. To prevent infection of the urethra, you need to monitor your health and are regularly checked by specialists.

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