Should I quit smoking?


  • Rebuilding the body for a healthy life without nicotine
  • Positive changes
  • Conclusion

Parting with smoking in many men raises the question of the consequences of giving up cigarettes. If we weigh the positive and negative changes, undoubtedly, outweigh the positive ones, because the negative sensations pass relatively quickly, and health, having got rid of smoking, is preserved and multiplied.

Rebuilding the body for a healthy life without nicotine

Having decided to quit smoking, you need to know about the unpleasant sensations that arise at first. All negative manifestations are caused by the restoration of the body to a healthy existence without nicotine. They are more short-lived, they manifest themselves with different strengths and not everybody has them. Much depends on the individual characteristics of men.


Manifestations with pronounced symptoms are called withdrawal syndrome. Consider the possible manifestations of smoking cessation:

  • Mood swings. 
    Nervousness and anger can quickly be replaced by a depressive depression. The duration of symptoms for each man is different and depends on the state of the body and psychological attitude.
  • The manifestation of anxiety and aggression. 
    An unexpected feeling of anxiety is accompanied by an intense heartbeat. Aggressiveness manifests itself in everyday situations and creates problems; therefore, it is important to obtain support and understanding from the inner circle in advance.
  • Weight gain. 
    Very often, when giving up cigarettes, 50% of men gain weight, this is due to the exacerbation of taste receptors, the restoration of hunger that was previously dulled by cigarette smoke and most often by replacing cigarettes with food. In the case of predisposition to completeness, it is important to control your diet, and to replace cigarettes using regular chewing gum or water. Weight normalized after 2 – 3 months.
  • Reinforced cough. 
    With the help of coughing, the body is cleansed. The weakened lungs are restored, and it is important during this period to avoid infection of the upper respiratory tract and to protect the body from hypothermia, as the immune system is weakened.


  • Reduced immunity. 
    With the cessation of smoking, the supply of nicotine, which was an artificial stimulator of the immune system, stopped. When immunity is weakened, problems with the skin and mucous membranes (stomatitis, acne) often occur. From the first days of failure, the body begins to restore the function of producing “its own” nicotine. Doctors recommend to protect the body from viruses and bacteria.
  • Mild dizziness and headache. 
    In the body on the third day without nicotine, the level of glucose decreases, which provokes headaches. If a man has problems with blood pressure, the improvement of the vascular system also begins, after normalization of vascular tone, headaches disappear.
  • Sleep disturbance. 
    During this period it is important to sleep at least 8 hours. Men often have difficulty falling asleep due to the tension and concentration of thoughts on smoking. They recommend to be distracted by reading or listening to an audiobook. At bedtime, a relaxing bath or massage with essential oils (anise, lavender, bergamot, chamomile) will help. Many improve the process of falling asleep motherwort tincture. Also, some men have increased drowsiness, in which case it is easier for the body to move the phase of giving up cigarettes.

Positive changes

Favorable changes occurring after giving up cigarettes is worth it so that you say goodbye to a health-destroying habit. So, what changes are waiting for a man who quit smoking:

  • Normalization of breathing without shortness of breath. 
    Due to the restored functionality of the respiratory system, the vital capacity of the lungs is increased.
  • Return of fresh breath. 
    In addition to the exclusion of cigarette smoke, the restored microflora of the oral cavity also prevents the formation of foul-smelling plaque and diseases of the teeth and gums. Increased salivation helps to improve digestion and improve the functioning of the stomach.
  • Reducing the incidence of colds. 
    Normalized sputum production and the process of its natural discharge due to the restored ciliated epithelium helps to significantly reduce the frequency and nature of the disease.
  • Normalization of pressure. 
    Cleansing the blood vessels, restoring their tone, as well as thinning the blood contributes to improved blood circulation and normalization of pressure.
  • Restoration of teeth color, and improvement of skin and hair. 
    Without the constant influence of cigarette smoke chemicals, tooth enamel and skin lighten. Also due to improved blood circulation, dry skin and brittle hair are reduced.


  • Care at risk of cancer. 
    Cessation of carcinogens stimulating the formation of tumors reduces the risk of tumors.
  • Normalization and preservation of potency. 
    Since the potency is directly dependent on the flow of blood to the cavernous bodies of the penis, then the cleaned vessels, freed from the narrowing of the lumens, contribute to the restoration of blood flow, which contributes to normal erection.

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  • Improved reproductive function. 
    This contributes to the increased activity of sperm . Also reduced gene mutation, leading to the birth of children with problem health.
  • Improved uptime. 
    This is facilitated by the normalization of oxygen delivery to organs and tissues, as well as increased metabolism and metabolism.
  • Improving the quality of mental operations. 
    Nicotine no longer strikes the vessels supplying the brain with oxygen. Improves memory, attention, visual and spatial perception.
  • Exacerbation of taste and smell. 
    Cigarette smoke no longer “blunts” perception. Harmful substances from cigarettes no longer affect the taste buds, responsible for the sharpness of perception of food. The edema of the mucous membranes is gone, and it is possible to better distinguish odors.
  • Budget savings. 
    There is no item of expenditure on cigarettes.
  • Reduced sleepiness. 
    Carbon dioxide contained in tobacco smoke did not allow smoking to sleep. Eliminating the poisoning element, the body recovers faster.
  • Improving ecology. 
    Toxic substances contained in the combustion products of cigarettes no longer pollute the atmosphere and cigarette butts do not replenish trash deposits.
  • Increased self-esteem. 
    The situation is no longer controlled by a cigarette, but by a man who has coped with nicotine addiction, who knows how to set a goal and achieve the desired despite difficulties.


According to medical observations, the positive effects of quitting smoking are indisputable. All negative symptoms are short-lived and are worth it as a result of gaining independence from the habit, healing the body and living with new opportunities.

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