Producer: SP-Laboratories
Model: Methandriol Dipropronate 1 vial contains 10 ml

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Pack: 1 vial contains 10 ml

Substance: Methandriol Dipropronate

Brand: SP-Laboratories

Methandriol dipropionate 75 is an injectable form of methandienone, a powerful anabolic steroid. Liquid methane is quite rare, so the drug from Golden Dragon is a kind of exclusive in the market of sports pharmacology. Doping differs from the oral counterpart in high bioavailability, less toxicity to the liver and a more affordable price.


The active substance is instantly absorbed into the blood and acts for 5 hours after the injection. Methane penetrates the cell nucleus, activating the synthesis of structural protein, RNA and DNA. Steroid provides intensive cellular respiration, establishes a positive nitrogen balance and slows down catabolic processes. This has a beneficial effect on the stamina and well-being of the athlete. The course of Methandriol allows you to achieve the following results: a rapid increase in muscle mass (up to 1-2 kg per week); progress in power indicators; slight reduction in body fat; increase endurance; improved appetite; strengthening bones and joints.


Apply Methandriol recommended for men from 21 years in the absence of contraindications. The latter include: heart defects, prostate hypertrophy, high blood pressure, liver disease, etc. Course solo. Ideal as a first mass program for beginner athletes. Duration – 6 weeks. Dosage – 50/100 mg every other day, depending on tolerance. Methane + Deca. The combination gives high-quality dry “meat” and a minimum of side effects, without overloading the liver. Methane + Sustanon. The result is quality muscle and impressive progress in strength training. Methane + Primobolan. The softest and safest program with a minimal rollback phenomenon. At week 2 of the program, it is optimal to connect Anastrozole or Proviron (aromatase inhibitors) at a dosage of 0.5 mg every 3 days. This will prevent the appearance of edema and the development of gynecomastia.


Gynecomastia; Puffiness; High blood pressure; Liver toxicity; Acne; Temporary decrease in libido after the course; Male pattern baldness; Testicular atrophy; Masculinization (in women). Most of the side effects are related to the conversion of the active substance to estrogen and can be easily removed by taking anti-estrogens. Toxicity to the liver in the injection version of the drug is mild, therefore, subject to the recommended dosage and duration of the course, the effect does not appear.