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Description and history of the steroid:

One of the highly effective steroids used in bodybuilding is Testosterone Propionate.  Its chemical structure is a Testosterone molecule connected to a propionic acid residue. The agent has predominantly androgenic activity, so Testosterone in ampoules is used in most cases during the drying period by both beginners and experienced athletes.

For the first time, Testosterone Propionate ether was obtained in the 30s of the last century - during the birth of the science of endocrinology. After the discovery of sex hormones in the human body, large-scale research began to search for and create their synthetic analogues capable of assimilation.

In a series of experiments by German scientists pharmaceutical company Schering was derived substance Testosterone Propionate, which became the world's first derivative of the male hormone. The drug was widely used in medicine, and for a long time actively prescribed for the treatment of androgen deficiency, libido disorders, cryptorchidism.

The effect of injection:

Course admission medication most effective during the precompetitive period and gives the following results: burning fat; an overall improvement in the shape (increasing the density and fullness of the muscles, venous prorisovannost); increase muscle mass; improvement of blood supply of organs; the development of strength and performance training; increased activity and motivation.

Anabolic effect of the drug is moderate, so the set of muscles when taking it is relatively slow. If a course of Testosterone Propionate is used by an athlete to increase muscle mass, it is recommended to combine it with other anabolics. This will allow you to get a quality, "dry" mass without the phenomenon of rollback.

Instruction for use:

The dosage is selected individually, beginners to achieve visible results is usually enough about 50 mg, more experienced sportstmenam-100 mg per injection. Enter the drug every other day, combining it with a course of antiestrogens. PCT after a course of testosterone propionate usually includes Tamoxifen.

Before using the tool, it is recommended to consult a specialist who will select a safe dose and tell in detail how to inject testosterone propionate, taking into account specific physiological characteristics.