SP TROPIN 10IU SP-Laboratories


SP TROPIN 10IU SP-Laboratories


Producer: SP-Laboratories
Model: Somatropin 1 vial contains 10iu

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Pack: 1 vial contains 10iu

Substance: Somatropin

Brand: SP-Laboratories

Neotropin is used in bodybuilding to effectively increase muscle mass and burning fat cells. Sold in the form of injection and the drug injected under the skin using an insulin syringe. Many athletes note that in addition to muscle growth, Neotropin promotes accelerated tissue regeneration, and the injury reduces catabolic processes.

Why you should buy growth Hormone Neotropin a Distinctive feature of the product – it is actually identical to the growth hormone that is produced by the human pituitary gland. When ingested, it inhibits the insulin activity, thereby slowing down the transport of glucose across cell membranes. Thus cells do not have a “choice” but to switch to another power source – fat. Thus is achieved and efficient combustion of fat mass.

Dosage and use of other drugs, the Dosage is calculated individually in each case. The records come from not only physical performance and health status, but also age and gender. The average dose for beginners – no more than 16 units per day. Experienced athletes can apply up to 30 units per day.

For better results it is recommended buy Neotropin for a period of 60 to 90 days. As for combining, it is possible to use anabolic steroids:

Side effects if there, is mostly marginal. And then only in the beginning of the reception. May occur headache, weakness, pain in muscles and redness at the injection site. Almost always, such “side effects” tend to burn out quickly and don’t bother. Their appearance does not worry you.