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History of the steroid:

Originally popular today, the drug Trenbolone Acetate was developed by scientists for the field of veterinary medicine, and the drug was preferred to buy farmers to cattle quickly increased weight. Long-term practice has shown its high efficiency, so a powerful anabolic steroid began to use sports doctors, optimizing the formula for effective use by weightlifters. The heyday of the popularity of the drug among Western athletes occurred in the 1980s.

Effect on the body:

Trenbolone Acetate differs from the analogue of enanthate in a shorter duration of action, limited to 2-3 days. If we talk about the chemical composition, it refers to the modification of Nandrolone.

All the desired effects are associated with the achievement of a pronounced androgenic (200%) and anabolic (400%) action on the human body. The main points of application are the following: Building up of pure muscle mass up to 10 kg during a course of reception lasting two months.  Activation of the production of the hormone somatomedin (IGF), which is involved in the process of burning fat when the athlete is in the period of "drying". Increase endurance and strength performance in sports. There is evidence of an increase in libido, however, in some cases, it is possible either the absence of such an influence, or the opposite effect-a decrease in sexual desire.

Every athlete who uses a course of Trenbolone Acetate, should remember about the possibility of providing a side effect of the drug. For example, an increase in blood pressure, a decrease in the synthesis of the hormone testosterone by the body, the appearance of atherosclerotic changes. 

The order of application of Trenbolone Acetate:

As a rule, for men engaged in physical activity, the recommended daily dose of the drug is 50 mg. If you choose the mode of its reception every other day, the dosage is 100 mg. the Course lasts for 6-8 weeks. The proposed and long-tested scheme provides maximum results against the background of minimal risk of side effects, which is very important for the body of the trainee.

The possible combinations of drugs:

Since the price of Trenbolone Acetate is not the highest relative to analogues, it is very popular during the period of weight gain, for the study of dry muscle relief, especially if combined with the use of Boldenone or Nandrolone.

At the same time, taking into account the versatility of the means for "drying", it is allowed to combine with Primobolan, Stanozolol, Oxymetalon, Testosterone and other analogues.