Producer: VERMODJE
Model: Trenbolone Acetate, Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzycarbonate, Trenbolone Enanthate 10 ml vial (200 mg/ml)

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Pack: 10 ml vial (200 mg/ml)

Substance: Trenbolone Acetate, Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzycarbonate, Trenbolone Enanthate


Tri-Trenaver is a steroid medicine of strong anabolic and androgenic action at the heart of which there are three popular and effective air of trenbolone at once: trenbolone acetate, trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate and trenbolone энантат. In addition to strength, it is notable for its rapid, uniform and prolonged effects on the human body, as well as for the large number of positive effects exhibited when applied on the course.

The properties of Tri-Trenaver are found mainly in sports. Amateur and professional athletes use it to increase muscle mass, strength and endurance. Also this preparation is able to burn excess fats, increase libido during the course, increase the level of ИФР-1 and have other effects, useful, both in sports practice and abroad.

What is Tri-Trenaver
In the pharmacology market, the first mix of trenbolons appeared as early as 2004 (released its famous pharmacological company British Dragon Pharmaceuticals). Surprisingly, despite its novelty, this drug quickly won the trust of athletes, becoming a very popular sports means. Nowadays, “mixtures of trenbolons” are produced by other eminent companies, for example, as in this case, Vermodje.

But back to the point. As already mentioned, Tri-Trenaver has several effective trenbolone esters at once: acetate, hexahydrobenzyl carbonate and enantate. The first of them is trenbolone acetate (activity period – 1-3 days). It is a fast-acting trenbolon that creates a peak of the substance within the first days of injection. After it there is activity of trenbolone enantate (duration – up to 10-14 days), contributing to increase of muscle mass, strength, endurance and other, important in sports practice, indicators.

The latter, after administration of the athlete, usually feels the effect of the ester hexahydrobenzyl carbonate, which has the longest period of activity – almost half a month (up to 14 days). This trenbolon also increases muscle mass, strength, endurance and in general in effects practically does not differ from its analogues.