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  • What is alcohol poisoning?
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Unfortunately, alcohol has become an integral part of our culture. He is present at many significant events of our life. The influence of alcohol is dependent on the individual characteristics of the male body. Even a small amount of alcohol consumed affects the entire body and can cause alcohol poisoning.

What is alcohol poisoning?

Alcohol poisoning is a complex malaise caused by the use of excessive doses of alcohol or surrogate products. The main poisoning substance is alcohol and its metabolites. The ingestion of a large amount of alcohol leads to an increase in the blood level of ethanol.


The liver neutralizes a small amount of toxins from alcohol, but the use of alcohol exceeding the detoxification abilities of the liver affects the higher nervous activity. The action of ethanol entails a change in body functions: behavioral, physiological and psychological.

Alcohol poisoning symptoms

Symptoms of alcohol poisoning (alcohol intoxication) is expressed gradually and is associated with the quality and quantity of alcohol consumed, as well as the state of the body and external factors. You can select a light, moderate and severe degree of alcohol poisoning.


Mild alcohol intoxication

With a mild degree of alcohol intoxication, neurological and vegetative changes appear:
• Dictation of movement.
• Increased pulse and breathing.
• Impaired attention.
• Hypersalivation (salivation).

This degree is characterized by emotionality, impatience and increased self-confidence.

The average degree of alcohol intoxication

At this stage, thinking slows down, temporal and spatial representations are disturbed. Inadequate analysis of what is happening, accompanied by rude, illogical behavior, is characteristic. Increased anxiety abruptly gives way to depression and the onset of sleep.

With moderate severity, the following symptoms appear:
• Uncoordinated movements.
• Decreased sensitivity.
• Pale skin.
• Feeling nauseous, accompanied by vomiting.

Severe alcohol poisoning

The following symptoms appear to this extent:
• Lowering the temperature.
• Constriction of the pupils.
• Increased pulse rate.
• No response to pain stimuli.
• The inconsistency of breathing.
• Pallor and moisture of the skin.
• Loss of consciousness with passive posture.

Alcohol poisoning is possible even with small doses of alcohol.

According to statistics, the cause of severe alcohol intoxication contributes to the use of alcohol surrogates. Intoxication is easily pronounced, and visual disturbance is manifested; in the stomach and joints, there is cramping pain, convulsions, excessive salivation and vomiting. This poisoning requires immediate medical attention.

Signs of alcohol poisoning

Alcohol, entering the body, loads the liver with the processing of toxic substances, in turn, the liver secretes alcohol-processing enzymes, but with elevated alcohol content the enzyme systems do not cope and the formed acetaldehyde affects the body worse than alcohol and a post-intoxication state (hangover) occurs.


After a moderate or severe form of poisoning after a few hours, the following signs of alcohol intoxication are noted:
• Headache.
• Sweating.
• Shivering in body.
• Dry mouth.
• Cardiopalmus.
• Nausea.
• Irritability.

What to do with alcohol poisoning?

The principle of manipulation depends on the degree of poisoning and the state of the body. If rapid intoxication of the body occurs in a short time, or poisoning by surrogates, the doctor will be the best solution. First aid before the arrival of doctors is as follows:

  • Retention in the mind of a person. For this you can use ammonia. A cotton swab or tissue swab soaked in the salmon is used.
  • Gastric lavage. Give at least a liter of water to drink, then press the root of the tongue with a spoon to induce vomiting. You can use soda solution (a teaspoon of soda per liter of water), a manganese solution (3 grains, thoroughly dissolved in a liter of water), a saline solution (a liter of water a teaspoon of salt).

Gastric lavage is prohibited for an injured person who has lost consciousness.

  • In case of loss of consciousness of thepatient, lay on his side to avoid choking with vomit and observe that the tongue does not catch fire. Remove the tie strap and all that impede the entry of air into the body.


  • Eliminate overcoolingbecause alcohol contributes to rapid heat loss.
  • Reception of enterosorbentsremoving toxic substances. (activated carbon, polysorb, enterosgel, silica gel). Reception after gastric lavage is more effective.

Home treatment

In these conditions, help consists of neutralizing the intoxication of the body and getting rid of alcohol residues, therefore it is recommended:

  • Remove residual alcohol from the stomach. 
    To this end, it is necessary to induce vomiting by pressing on the root of the tongue, after rinsing the stomach with salted water, drinking half a liter of saline solution (one teaspoon of salt per liter of water). Make two to three times or until pure vomit. Take enterosorbent (smecta, enterosgel, activated carbon, polysorb) after cleansing.
  • Restore water and salt balance in the body. 
    To do this, you need to increase fluid intake (water, green tea, herbal tea). Also drugs, for example Regidron or Hydrovit, or a self-prepared solution from a liter of water with the addition of three tablespoons of sugar and half a teaspoon of salt and soda will help.
  • Restore the intestinal microflora. 
    Often, subsequently, poisoning due to the destruction of the healthy intestinal microflora disrupts the activity of the digestive system. Fermented milk products (kefir, yogurt) or probiotic preparations (Lactobacteria, Bifidumbacterin, Bifiform) are recommended for recovery. It will also help ease the state of bowel movements, in cases of constipation use enema.
  • Relieve pain. 
    In the case of headache, take medications: Paracetamol, Aspirin Citramon, with stomach pain, No-Shpa will help. Important when restoring the body is sleep.
  • To reduce alcohol poisoning help specialized drugs (Zorex, Alka-Seltzer, Metadoxil, Biotredin).

Preventing alcohol poisoning is easier than curing. For this, it is necessary to control not only the quantity, but also the quality of the consumed beverages.

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