The benefits of dried apricots for men’s health


  • Composition
  • Product properties
  • Medicinal properties of dried apricots
  • Benefits for men
  • Harm to health
  • Application Methods
  • Choice of dried apricots
  • Storage methods
  • Rules of use

Sweet dried apricots are a favorite treat of many people. They contain a large amount of beneficial substances for the body, and when used rationally, they can be eaten even by people suffering from diabetes and obesity. Undoubtedly, a daily intake of a handful of dried fruit will be useful not only for women who care about their attractiveness, but also for men. What is the benefit of dried apricots for the stronger sex, we shall understand in detail.


Dried apricots can be of different types, it all depends on how the fruit is processed. So, apricot is a sun-dried fruit with a bone. Kaisy – dried fruit without stones. An ashtak is made like this: first, the core is taken out and dried, then the seed without the shell is put back.


The fruit contains almost the entire complex of amino acids, and 12 of them are indispensable for humans. Carbohydrates are sucrose and fructose, they maintain a balance of energy and nourish brain cells. Dried apricots are rich in dietary fiber and pectin, which has a positive effect on the intestinal function. The beneficial properties of dried apricots are to reduce the level of “harmful” cholesterol and excretion of toxic substances and salts of heavy metals from the body. The amount of food ingredients per 100 grams of product is as follows:

  • Proteins – 3g;
  • Fat – 0.5 g;
  • Carbohydrates – 53-55g.

Caloric value depends on a grade and makes about 230 kcal . Despite the sufficient energetic value, a 100-gram serving will not harm people trying to lose weight.

Vitamin composition is presented :

  • Vitamin A, essential for vision and normal production of sex hormones. With a sufficient amount of retinol in the menu in the skin, the synthesis of structural fibers occurs, which slows down the aging process.
  • Vitamins of group B, taking part in enzymatic reactions. They improve blood formation processes, provide normal conduction of impulses along nerve fibers.
  • Vitamin C is a well-known antioxidant that neutralizes peroxidation and thus protects against cancer and aging. Especially ascorbic acid is necessary for men with nicotine addiction. It is known that when smoking is heavily consumed vitamin C, it is therefore recommended to further saturate the body with it.

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  • Nicotinic acid, which cleans the blood vessels.

Of the minerals, especially important are:

  • Magnesium and potassium, as they help the harmonious work of the heart muscle;
  • Iron is the main component of hemoglobin, it protects against the development of anemia and oxygen starvation of tissues;
  • Iodine is an essential element for the synthesis of hormones and the normalization of metabolic processes;
  • Calcium and phosphorus are responsible for bone health, and phosphorus additionally stimulates mental activity;

Product properties

Dried apricots gently affect the intestines and help its regular emptying. People suffering from constipation, it is recommended to boil with boiling water 5 stuff dried apricot at night, and in the morning to eat them on an empty stomach and drink the remaining liquid.

In diseases of the heart and blood vessels, the inclusion of fruits in the diet helps to normalize blood pressure, which is important for hypertensive patients. Many cores complain of leg swelling, it can be eliminated with the help of an unloading day on dried apricots. To do this, 500 grams of fruit is divided into several intakes and eaten throughout the day. From drinks recommended unsweetened herbal or green tea, dogrose infusion.

Unlike diuretic drugs, which remove the necessary minerals from the body, dried apricots do not impoverish a person with valuable components. On the contrary, daily consumption of fruits is a guarantee that the body receives the necessary elements.

Taking dried apricots is the prevention of ophthalmologic diseases, anemia, malignant tumors. The elements contained in it increase immunity, prevent the growth of cancer cells. The product removes slags and toxic substances and thereby cleans the intestines, removes excess fluid, which is useful for people with kidney disease. A positive effect on the fruit of the nervous system, helps to cope with mental fatigue.

Medicinal properties of dried apricots

It is recommended to regularly include in the diet a handful of dried fruit in such conditions as:

  • Malokrovie;
  • Constipation;
  • Heart and kidney diseases;
  • Edema of various origin;
  • Impaired blood lipid composition;
  • Atherosclerosis;
  • Thrombophlebitis.

Benefits for men

The elements that make up the dried apricots are involved in the synthesis of sex hormones, which is important for the full synthesis of testosterone . Fruit enhances desire and improves potency, so it is recommended for men who think about their sexual health. Dried apricots are considered an aphrodisiac – a product that increases libido.


Due to the high calcium content, dried apricots saturate the bone with this mineral, and testosterone becomes free for other functions. Nicotinic acid cleans the blood vessels, which means that blood circulation improves, including the organs of the small pelvis. A good blood supply ensures the proper functioning of the testicles and thereby stimulates the formation of sperm.

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Benefit will bring fruit in the amount of 100 grams per day. If you eat them in pounds, even a healthy person cannot avoid intestinal upset. There are other contraindications that men should consider.

Harm to health

The use of the product is not recommended for diseases:

  • Pancreatitis. Eat dried fruit can only be steamed in the remission phase.
  • Peptic ulcer and gastritis. Since dried apricots contain a large amount of dietary fiber, it can affect the state of the gastric mucosa.
  • Diabetes. With the disease completely exclude the product is impractical, it can be used as a substitute for sugar and honey. It is advisable to limit its consumption to 5 pieces per day. Since apricot contains a sufficient amount of sugars, people with diabetes before including the menu, it is better to ask permission from a doctor.
  • An allergy to a product that occasionally occurs in some people.
  • Hypotension. Since dried apricots lower blood pressure, hypotonicus can eat it in small quantities or refuse it altogether.

Application Methods

Here are some healthy recipes with dried apricots.

Dried apricots compote

Decoction preserves all the qualities of whole dried fruits: removes puffiness, improves mood, normalizes digestion, reduces weight, and increases efficiency. Used as a remedy for urolithiasis.

Compote is prepared from the calculation: 100 grams of fruit per liter of water, boil no more than 6-7 minutes. You can put sugar to taste. If you adhere to a healthy diet, it is better to do without additives. The drink in any case will have a pleasant sweetish taste.

A mixture of nuts, dried fruit and lemons

Tasty and healing supplement, which is used to strengthen the immune system, cleaning vessels, for the prevention of heart and colds. For cooking, you will need to take dried apricots, raisins and nuts 250 grams of each ingredient and twist through a meat grinder. Add here a glass of honey and 1 lemon, crushed together with the peel.

Take a tablespoon on an empty stomach 1 li 2 times a day. Store fortified supplement can be in the refrigerator in a glass for half a year.

Chocolate (black) dried apricots

It can be seen on store shelves at a price 2 times higher than the cost of dried apricots. However, manufacturers claim that they are preparing chocolate dried apricots without any chemical processing and are related to healthy foods. The fruit has a sweeter taste and tender juicy flesh, its taste is a little like ordinary dried apricots. Due to the high amount of calories and sugar, it is not recommended for diabetes and obesity; in other cases, you can eat chocolate dried apricots without fear. It does not cause allergies and asthma, and also normalizes the microflora in the intestine.


Use dark dried apricots in combination with sprouted grains of green buckwheat (you can buy them in the store). Fruits and cereals should be ground in a blender to a uniform consistency, adding a little water, you get an excellent healthy breakfast. A large apple sliced ​​into slices is put into the porridge, sprinkled with cinnamon or other fruits.

Choice of dried apricots

Manufacturers often treat the fruit with paraffin or sulfur in order to extend the shelf life and make it marketable. Externally, these apricots are juicy and shiny, have a bright orange color. However, the nutritional value of the product is in doubt. It is better to buy dried fruits of a small size, a grayish tint: they are dried naturally and will benefit health.

When buying, pay attention to the presence of mold and dark spots: this indicates a violation of the storage process. It is best to ask the seller one thing to sample, so you will appreciate not only its appearance, but also its taste.

Storage methods

Having brought home the purchase, first rinse dried apricots under water to clean from harmful inclusions and dust. Drain with a paper towel. After that, the fruit can be put in a glass container or a plastic container and stored at a temperature not higher than 18 degrees. If necessary, you can put the apricots in the freezer, so they will retain their properties for 1.5 years.

Rules of use

A daily 100 g serving will be an excellent vitamin and mineral supplement to the diet. This is about 5-6 large fruits.

Dried apricots can rightly be considered a healing product and use it to maintain and rejuvenate, prevent diseases and strengthen the immune system. Men should include dried apricots in their diet in order to maintain their health for a long time.

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