Ways to increase the quantity and improve the quality of sperm


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Sperm is a fluid secreted during the ejaculation of the male sexual organ, the purpose of which is to fertilize an egg for procreation.

Why increase

The main reason for which it is necessary to increase the volume of sperm is a medical indication, for an effective fertilization process.

In some cases, after watching movies of a certain genre and stereotypes that have developed, men produce the false impression that a large amount of sperm is a sign of man’s dignity in intimate terms. After such a stereotype, they try to end sexual intercourse with the maximum release of ejaculate, and when this does not happen, they can become depressed and / or try to increase the formation of sperm by any means. It is important to understand that a lot of sperm is not needed to get an orgasm, to satisfy a woman and fertilize, her number should be within the normal range. In fairness, it is worth noting that the greater the amount of sperm released during ejaculation, the brighter and longer the orgasm is experienced by the man. This is due to the fact that with an increased content of sperm there is a greater contraction of the muscles during ejaculation,


Medical statistics has calculated that the average volume of sperm allocated for one ejaculation is from 2 to 6 ml. For fertilization, a sperm volume of 1.5 ml is required. In this quantity of fluid contains about 20 million male germ cells – the gamete.


Despite the fact that the egg cell is fertilized by one spermatozoon, this number is necessary because of the difficulty of passing the path into the vagina. Some of the sperm cells die at the beginning of their journey, and some still cannot overcome the mucus of the uterine cervix. Therefore, the more sperm will reach the egg, the greater the chance of fertilization.

The phenomenon, when the amount of sperm is less than the established norm of 1.5 ml, is called oligospermia.

It is also important the quality of sperm secreted by the body. To determine the quality, the motility of sperm and the ratio of live gametes to dead are examined.

Normally there should be 15 million sperm in 1 ml of semen. The presence of a smaller number of motile male cells was called oligozoospermia.

How to determine

There is an opinion that the content of sperm can be determined by its color. In most cases, the sperm is white with shades of gray. This indicates the normal content of sperm. If the sperm tone is yellowish, this indicates a reduced content of gametes. A greenish tint indicates a very low content, and an overabundance of gray indicates a large number of male cells. A pinkish color may indicate an increased red blood cell count, a dirty yellow color may indicate pus impurities and an inflammatory process.

For self-measurement of the amount of secreted sperm, you can use a medical syringe. It is necessary to remove the plunger from the syringe and pour the sperm secreted after the end of intercourse into the hole formed. The most convenient way to do this is from a condom. Then insert the piston back and pressing it, gently force out the air. On the scale of the syringe to see the result. Of course, this calculation will be approximate.

The exact volume and quality of sperm is determined using semen.


When detecting oligospermia or oligozoospermia, additional tests are recommended to detect STDs, viruses, bacteria, and allergies to detect deviations from the norm.

Treatment is prescribed only after all the necessary research.

Factors affecting the indicator

The following factors affect the decrease in sperm quality and quality:

  • Diseases of the genitourinary system. This may be prostatitis , inflammation of the testicles.
  • Infections and sexually transmitted diseases. Syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, which, through secondary diseases and complications, influence sperm formation and its quality, are considered to be the most dangerous for reproductive functionality.
  • General diseases of the body. The cause of deviations from the standard of quality and quantity of sperm may be the flu virus, a cold, hypothermia, and allergies.
  • Stress, depression, overwork. Such conditions weaken the body, which lacks the resources to produce the required number of sperm.
  • Lifestyle. The habit of smoking, frequent use of alcohol, overweight affects both the abundance and quality of seminal fluid, and the decrease in potency.
  • Medications. It is necessary to take medicines with caution, having familiarized yourself with their composition, properties and instructions. Some drugs inhibit sperm synthesis and sperm motility.
  • Specificity of work. Sitting, sedentary work leads to stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs, which can lead to the development of prostatitis and testicular disease. This in turn leads to a decrease in sperm.
  • Age. After 40 years of age, there is a gradual decrease in sperm production.
  • The intensity of intimate life. With very frequent ejaculations, the number of sperm will be less, since the genitals will not have time to restore it.

Ways to increase

To increase the amount of sperm, an integrated approach is applied, including proper nutrition, exercise, lifestyle changes, and the use of medications.

Proper, good nutrition

  • Bring weight back to normal, choosing the right diet from healthy foods.

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  • Add to your menu dishes of meat, fish, nuts , eggs , cabbage, which contain natural protein, which is involved in the formation of sperm.
  • Do not use semi-finished products of any kind. Limit or completely abandon fried, spicy, salted and smoked, which are heavy products for the stomach and liver.
  • Go for dishes, steamed, which due to the peculiarities of heat treatment contain a lot of useful substances.
  • More eat vegetables with fruit. Grapes, pumpkin seeds , avocados, bananas, broccoli, are considered natural spermatogonals. Beans, cranberries, blackberries, apples , prunes contain many antioxidants that increase the viability of sperm. Any kind of nuts containing proteins, minerals and vitamins necessary for improving the quality of male cells is very useful.
  • Diversify the diet with seafood that is rich in zinc, which takes part in the formation of sperm.

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Actors of the erotic movie genre are increasing the amount of sperm in a natural way using a cocktail of bananas and sour cream. To make it, beat 5 chopped bananas with 0.5 liters of sour cream and use them 3-4 hours before the visible proximity. Drink cocktail parts in a short time.

Fluid intake

Seminal fluid in the bulk consists of water. It helps to moisturize and facilitate the release of sperm. Therefore, men are advised to drink a daily water rate of 2 liters. Material:  How is water healthy and how much should you drink it?

When drinking alcohol, water is eliminated from the body much faster, which ultimately reduces the quantity and quality of sperm produced. Approximately 85% of children born to conceive in alcohol intoxication, various forms of deviations are detected.

Exclude from the diet :

Carbonated drinks . It is proved that when taking daily 1 liter of a drink with gas, the production of ejaculate is reduced by 30%, and with longer regular use, the percentage increases significantly.

Moderate, regular exercise.

It is necessary to lead an active lifestyle and play sports. You need to find time for jogging, for exercising in the gym or doing exercises at home. A moderate load helps to improve metabolism, as well as saturate the body with oxygen and necessary substances that will contribute to the production of testosterone, and hence increase the formation of sperm.

Special attention should be paid to strengthening the muscles of the pelvis. They contribute to maintaining prostate health, help increase the duration of sexual intercourse and improve sperm. For these purposes, the Kegel exercise is very effective !

Healthy lifestyle

It is necessary to exclude smoking, taking narcotic drugs and alcohol. Smoking affects the potency, reduces the formation of sperm, its mobility and quality. In this regard, the fathers of smokers are often children born with abnormalities and pathologies.

To establish a complete rest, to protect from stressful situations and experiences. Conducted numerous studies have established a direct link between stress and the ability of the testes to produce testosterone, which is involved in the production of sperm. During stress, a significant decrease in the production of the necessary hormone was observed. For peace of mind, you can master meditation, start practicing yoga or visit a psychologist.

Medical treatment

After determining the cause of the small amount of sperm and / or its poor quality, medicines are prescribed by the attending physician to eliminate the underlying cause factors. Appointed:

  • Antibiotics for inflammation of the genitourinary system.
  • Vitamins with reduced immunity and weakening of the body.
  • Soothing  with stress, depression, nervous disorders.

In addition, in an auxiliary quality can be prescribed drugs to increase the amount and improve the properties of sperm. These are herbal supplements:

Sperm Plants – increases the number and fertilizing ability of sperm, improves the body tone.

SpermAktin – helps to increase germ cells, improves their functionality.

Proffertil – improves spermogram performance.

Tentex Forte – increases sexual activity, improves the quality of sperm.

Speman – in addition to improving sperm, a positive effect on the prostate.

Tribestan – improves the quantity and quality of sperm, enhances attraction, prolongs sexual intercourse.

Speroton – contains zinc and selenium, stimulates spermatogenesis, increases sperm motility.

Independently and folk methods

Temperature conditions

It is necessary to prevent overheating and hypothermia of the testicles. For normal sperm production, a temperature not higher than 37 C is necessary. Increasing the temperature at the location of the testicles can lead to the death of spermatozoa and a decrease in the number of their production. To prevent this, it is necessary:

  • Do not sit in a pose leg by leg . In this position, the nerves and blood vessels are squeezed, which has negative consequences for the spine and provokes the phenomenon of blood stagnation in the pelvic organs. Inflammatory processes begin to develop, leading to disruption of the sexual functioning of organs. In addition, in this position, the testicles are pressed against the body, which leads to an increase in temperature and loss of sperm.
  • Do not wear tight underwear . This laundry prevents natural ventilation of the testicles, while the temperature in the scrotum increases, which leads to the death of sperm and a decrease in sperm.
  • Do not abuse visiting places with fever . This may include a visit to the bath, steam rooms, jacuzzi, as well as long trips to the heated seats.

Moderate abstinence

In order to avoid sperm stagnation, prolonged abstinence should not be allowed, but a short break is useful. Male body produces sperm at an average rate of 1500 pcs. per second, respectively, per day from 130 million zinger. With frequent ejaculations, sperm becomes smaller. It is restored by abstinence within 2-4 days. With longer abstinence, the quality of sperm cells deteriorates and slower stagnation begins. Therefore, it is considered optimal to have sex 2 times a week.

Interrupted sexual intercourse, delayed ejaculation provoke stagnation in the prostate, due to the accumulation of sperm in it. That in turn leads to a decrease in the secretion of glandular secretions and a decrease in the volume of seminal fluid.

Special exercises

There are reviews that the exercises listed below increase erection, increase sperm count and sperm quality:

    • Constriction of the testicles . Before doing the exercise, you need to warm your hands by rubbing or in another way. With one hand you need to raise the penis, and the second gently clasp the testicles, slightly squeezing. Carry out squeezing and unclenching of the testicles, slightly sipping them down and gradually increasing the compression. Squeezing should not cause pain and discomfort. The pressure should be small, about 1 second.
      Perform about 60 clutches with one hand, then change hands and continue the exercise with the other hand.
    • Massage . Holding the penis with one hand, massage the testicles with the thumb of the free hand. Massage is carried out for a minute, with a gradual increase in time.
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