What harm can hookah smoking do and what is the use of it?


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People argue about the dangers of hookah since its appearance on the market. Some believe that it is completely safe, while others are categorically against the use of this product.

Both those and others are stirring up interest in the hookah, which, due to the growing popularity, is offered in many entertainment venues, cafes and bars. It is advertised as an attribute of pleasant spending time with friends, for a relaxed atmosphere in a business conversation. Hookah buy home, and give to friends, for relaxation after a busy day or stressful situations.

About hookah

Hookah is a device in the form of an elongated vessel designed for smoking.


The water in it filters and cools the smoke. In the upper part of the hookah there is a smoking cup in which fragrant and moist smoking mixtures are put. The mixture is covered with foil with holes, on which is placed the charred coal.

Hot air from hot coal, when inhaled by a smoker, captures the hookah mixture, forming smoke, which, before entering the lungs, is filtered by water.

And this is not just smoke, but “delicious” smoke. It can be saturated with a wide variety of tastes that attract “hookah”. Many inhalation of fruit smoke associates with a healthy pastime.

How bad is all this?

Conducted many experiments to study the smoke produced by hookah. The conclusions made as a result of research are not comforting for hookah supporters, but they are not as terrible as their opponents describe.

WHO emphasizes that hookah smoking is potentially harmful to health and is not a harmless substitute for cigarettes.

Harmful components

After smoking the average dose of the hookah in the urine remains:

  • Nicotine , exceeding the rate of 70 times. Hookah advertising, as well as people who deny his harm, argue that water filters retain nicotine in themselves, but, unfortunately, this is not so. In cigarettes, too, there are filters, but they are not able to hold in themselves all the nicotine.
  • Nitrosamines – 4 times higher than normal. When they enter the body, they affect the liver, can cause hemorrhages, cause lung tumors and pancreatic cancer.
  • Decay products of benzene and acrolein , causing malignant tumors and respiratory diseases

Smoke and steam

During the session of smoking out the average refilling of the hookah, smoke is breathed a couple of hundred times more than after smoking one cigarette. But, this smoke is essentially harmless by smoke from cigarettes. It contains 142 components, and in the smoke after smoking cigarettes, there are more than 4500 components.

The main component of hookah smoke is water, and its temperature is about a hundred degrees below the cigarette. That is, with the hookah, steam is mainly inhaled, which can be attributed to the positive qualities of the hookah.

Carbon monoxide

One of the main negative aspects is inhalation of carbon monoxide.
It is estimated that about 100 inhalations of smoke occur during the smoking of a hookah, resulting in 180 mg of carbon monoxide getting into the body, and about 12 mg of CO pass through the lungs when smoking one cigarette.

When inhaled from a hookah, the smoke gets lighter and farther into the lungs than when smoking a cigarette, which can provoke cough and other symptoms of the smoker, as well as cause more damage to the respiratory system.


When smoking in the company of one pipe there is a danger of infection through the saliva on the mouthpiece of various infectious diseases: herpes, tuberculosis, hepatitis. To minimize such risks it is necessary to use personal mouthpieces.


Doctors believe that smoking hookah, like cigarettes, is addictive. In either case, a person receives a large amount of nicotine, from which addiction will develop over time. Therefore, non-smokers who occasionally smoke a hookah can turn into smokers. There will be a situation when they want to smoke, but there is no time and opportunity to go to the hookah room, they will go for cigarettes to calm their nerves.

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