What kind of coffee is harmful and what is good?


  • The positive effect of natural coffee
  • Effects on organs
  • Usage rate
  • Harm and benefits of coffee with milk
  • Soluble and Sublimated
  • Is decaffeinated coffee harmful?
  • The benefits of green coffee
  • Add cinnamon, lemon, brandy
  • Adding honey and cardamom
  • Coffee while losing weight, adding ginger
  • Coffee made from barley, acorns and with the addition of chicory
  • The benefits and harms of coffee 3 in 1

A variety of brands, varieties and methods of making coffee is amazing. Fans of fragrant drink is not considered. But how useful is it, and can it harm the body? In some cases, the benefits of coffee are much more than harm. You just need to know how much and how to use it.

The positive effect of natural coffee

Coffee beans contain caffeine. On average – 1500 mg / l. Caffeine has a stimulating effect on the nervous system, increases heartbeat, and increases pressure. As a result of drinking coffee:

  • increased mental activity;
  • increases performance;
  • drowsiness decreases.


From the point of view of medicine, the greatest benefits from natural ground coffee. It is poured boiling water and heated to boiling. In this case, the flavor is preserved, and caffeine does not completely pass into the water. Per 100 g of water take 10-15 grams of ground grain. In order not to grind coffee beans at home, you can buy one already prepared or go to one of the coffee shops, where you will prepare the right aromatic mixture.

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Effects on organs

Abuse any coffee can not. It affects the kidneys, heart, liver, stomach. They get used to it and start increasing the dose every day. Excessive consumption of coffee causes:

  • nervousness;
  • headaches;
  • insomnia;
  • tachycardia;
  • diseases of the stomach;
  • joint pain.


Coffee can stain tooth enamel, giving it a yellowish tint. The strongest influence is on the central nervous system, liver and stomach. Coffee does not allow the liver cells to share, which is harmful for healthy people, and is beneficial for cirrhosis and fatty illness.

It is strictly forbidden to drink coffee on an empty stomach, because it washes away the mucous. Even the addition of milk does not give an exception to the rule.

Studies have confirmed that coffee does not affect the development of coronary heart disease, if you drink it in a normal amount. Caffeine increases the pressure, but for hypotensive it is even useful, and it has an invigorating effect on people with normal pressure. Those who suffer from hypertension or heart disease, it is better to refrain from coffee.

Usage rate

Doctors warn that you can drink no more than 4 cups of instant coffee a day. For pregnant women, this portion is reduced by 2 times, provided that the doctor does not prohibit.

These restrictions are related to daily intake of caffeine. It should not exceed 400 mg for an adult. A cup of americano contains an average of 100 mg of this substance. But we must bear in mind that the varieties, methods of roasting, grinding are different. From this the strength of the drink varies. The stronger he is, the less he is drunk.

Men are also advised to consume no more than 3-4 cups of coffee per day. Excess rates lead to a jump in blood pressure, reduces potency, disrupts sleep. It is better to stop the choice on natural ground grains, since they contain more useful substances.

Harm and benefits of coffee with milk

Milk or cream is added to soften the taste and reduce the caffeine concentration. At the same time, the caloric content of the drink increases, and when you consider that sugar is often put together with milk, the benefit of the drink is rapidly reduced.


In large quantities, drinking coffee with milk is also harmful. In the stomach, it leads to the formation of insoluble compounds, which are deposited in the kidneys, adversely affect the bladder. But 1-2 cups drink nobody forbids, even pregnant.

Soluble and Sublimated

Instant coffee is obtained from green beans, which are fried, ground, and subjected to an extraction process – boiled and evaporated. After that, the extract is crushed, turning it into familiar granules. Flavors and preservatives may be added to enhance odor and reduce oxidative processes.


The concentration of caffeine in instant coffee is greater, and it has a high acidity. It is especially harmful to people with a sore stomach, because it irritates the mucous membrane. It is not recommended to use it for those who have a sick liver, kidneys or have a heart problem.

Sublimated coffee is essentially the same instant. Only in the production process there is a process of sublimation – drying by freezing (freezing in a vacuum). This is an expensive process, so the price of the sublimated product is higher. In the sublimated granules, more of the original substances are retained, they are more useful and fragrant.

Is decaffeinated coffee harmful?

Caffeine-free in itself is beneficial, but much depends on how it is extracted. Caffeine is removed by washing with a solution of ethyl acetate or water or compressed carbon dioxide. The last two methods are considered the safest.

Coffee without caffeine contributes to the deposition of fat and increases the blood levels of harmful cholesterol.

Caffeine is not fully extracted, a small percentage of the substance remains, so the drink still gives a stimulating effect, but to a lesser extent.

The benefits of green coffee

To get green coffee, the grains are specially cleaned and dried, eliminating the roasting process. As a result, the majority of beneficial substances are retained, while the concentration of caffeine decreases.

Green coffee contains unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants. Since green beans still contain caffeine, you should not abuse the drink. It can increase the pressure and speed up the heartbeat.

Add cinnamon, lemon, brandy

Cinnamon gives the drink a special aroma, promotes weight loss. Coffee with cinnamon speeds up metabolic processes, relieves spasms in the bile ducts, reduces the level of harmful cholesterol. This is its benefit. It is important to drink it without calorie supplements.

As in tea, lemon is sometimes added to coffee, which does not make the drink worse. It acquires an exotic taste and healthy qualities, supplying the body with vitamin C.

As for coffee with cognac, many people like this drink. It perfectly relieves stress, accelerates blood circulation, helps fight colds and increases blood pressure. But cognac, both by itself and in combination with coffee, is not recommended to be abused. Drink can be addictive. He is not advised to drink hypertensive patients and those who have liver problems.

Adding honey and cardamom

Coffee with honey will be a good immunomodulator, protects against flu and colds. In order for the honey to be beneficial, it must be added to the cooled coffee, the temperature of which is not more than 40 °, or used separately with a spoon.

Recipe for coffee with honey and lemon. Brew coffee from ground beans, cool slightly, add a teaspoon of brandy or balsam, a piece of lemon, honey to taste.

Cardamom helps to reveal the aroma of coffee. It is added in small amounts to neutralize the negative effects of caffeine. Coffee with cardamom helps with bronchitis, eliminates colic in the stomach, relieves nervous tension. When gastritis or stomach ulcer coffee with cardamom is prohibited to drink. Vanilla, cloves, honey and cinnamon can be added to the drink along with cardamom . There are recipes with milk and cream.

Coffee while losing weight, adding ginger

Being on a diet, wanting to lose extra pounds, or just keeping yourself in shape, you can not eat a lot of sweets. Coffee can not be added cream, and the amount of sugar should be minimized or completely abandon it.

Coffee itself is a low-calorie drink if it is drunk without sugar. It removes fluid from the body, which contributes to weight loss.

To enhance the effect of losing weight, use recipes for coffee with ginger. These two products help to lose weight more quickly, accelerate the processes of assimilation of food and the breakdown of fats.

Coffee made from barley, acorns and with the addition of chicory

Barley and acorn drinks can not be called high-grade coffee. This is a surrogate that helps to replace an expensive and not always useful drink from coffee beans.

Barley coffee is made from roasted barley beans.

What is its benefit? Barley contains fiber, lots of vitamins and trace elements. It strengthens the immune system, has a diuretic property, soothes the nervous system.

Drink from milled acorns lowers blood sugar concentration. It is useful for diabetics. Coffee from acorns normalizes the work of the heart, has a bactericidal effect, helps to get rid of cough.

Chicory is considered a medicinal plant. Its root contains inulin, which improves the intestinal microflora, a beneficial effect on the liver and pancreas. Sometimes chicory completely replace coffee, but to preserve the invigorating properties of the drink, coffee is left mixed with chicory.

The benefits and harms of coffee 3 in 1

For quick and easy preparation, people love instant drink called “3 in 1 coffee”. But is it useful, and can it be used frequently? In one bag is instant coffee and dry cream. Use vegetable cream, very different in properties from animal fats. Glucose syrup for sweetness, stabilizers, thickeners, flavors are also added. Drink 3 in 1 is high in calories. It can not drink to those who decided to lose weight.

Harm from such coffee is not, if you use it in rare cases, when circumstances compel. But drinking daily in large quantities is still not worth it.

In moderate doses, caffeine is considered beneficial. On the video, the doctor tells you how much coffee is beneficial and in which harm. What he provokes disease.

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