What should I do to quickly and easily quit smoking?


  • Easy way to quit smoking
  • Is it possible to quit smoking
  • How to quickly quit smoking
  • Diary of a smoking cessation

Smoking is a common problem today. Many people want to get rid of this habit, but the prevailing opinion about the complexity of the process forces us to abandon our intentions. Doctors narcologists claim that in this matter the main desire and use of available methods to achieve results.

Easy way to quit smoking

The easy way sometimes is to improve the psycho-physiological state of the body. In this case, for relief, it is recommended to use adjuvants that enable the body to gradually get rid of nicotine addiction and more likely to overcome addiction without returning to it.


All aids can be divided into nicotine-containing and nicotine-free.

The essence of the first is the gradual withdrawal of smoking cessation symptoms, so that a man learns how to live in a new way, without cigarettes.

Nicotine-containing include:

  • Patches(Nikvitin, Nicorette).
    Note the positive side in ease of use and duration of action (day). Lack of use occurs when an individual reaction, which is manifested by irritation of the skin at the site of adhesion.
  • Chewing gum(Nikvitin, Nikorette).
    Nicotine directly gets on the mucous and quickly spreads by the body. Receptors in the language perceive gum instead of a smoked cigarette. The disadvantage is in some cases the occurrence of heartburn.
  • Electronic cigarette. 
    There are disagreements about the use of electronic cigarettes for the purposes of nicotine replacement therapy. Many complaints about the composition of the cartridge, which contains substances harmful to the body. Therefore, choosing this method for yourself, it is recommended to use it for no more than two months, given the gradual reduction in the dose of nicotine.

For non-nicotine drugs include:

  • Tablets ofnicotinic receptor agonists with the active ingredient varenicline and cytisine (Tabex, Champix).

Relief occurs by stimulating those receptors in the brain that stimulated nicotine. It also blocks the enjoyment of nicotine, which helps to easily give up cigarettes.

  • Inhalerswith herbal extracts (Diaz, Antitabac, Antifume).

The composition of the inhaler blocks nicotine susceptible receptors and this makes it easier to get rid of the bad habit. Effectively affect the nervous system inhaled essential oils. It should be used with caution in allergies, so you need to carefully read the composition of the inhaler filler.

Is it possible to quit smoking

In medical circles there is no definite answer to this question, because it is necessary to consider ways to stop smoking, taking into account the individual characteristics of a man.

Sharply quit smoking is recommended for men with smoking experience of less than eight years. Having passed a cancellation syndrome at this category, decrease in thirst for smoking very quickly comes.

With a sharp refusal, a long-term smoker from weak willpower may experience physiological and psychological uncomfortable discomfort, and a man will not be able to quit smoking. Therefore, when using the method of abrupt cancellation of cigarettes, it is possible to reduce the manifestations of nicotine withdrawal by taking nicotine-containing drugs for men with physiological dependence and non-nicotine drugs with psychological dependence.

Most men who quit smoking quickly restore the former rhythm of life. Men who use the tactics of gradual abolition often delay this process and can not get rid of dependence for a long time and more often return to smoking.

A sharp rejection of cigarettes does not harm the health of men.

How to quickly quit smoking

Ways to quit smoking are varied, and the effectiveness of use for men often depends on the speed at which the expected result appears and the ability to quit smoking forever without a permanent return. Often, attempts to quit smoking are stretched for a long period with phases alternating in a circle:

  • Reducing the intensity of smoking (or a sharp rejection of cigarettes).
  • Period of complete rejection of cigarettes.
  • Return to smoking with a limited amount of cigarettes.
  • The phase of increasing the frequency of smoking habitual for men.

To quickly and easily quit smoking :

  1. Have a firm intentionto abandon addiction, clearly articulate personal motivations and realize that a cigarette cannot be a life priority. It is important to believe in your own strength.
  2. If there were unsuccessful cessation of smoking, the man must understand the reason for the breakdown. If it is impossible to cope with nicotine breaking, due to a lack of nicotine in the body, it is recommended to pay attention to nicotine-containing drugs (pills, inhalers, patches), as an auxiliary therapy at the beginning of the failure process.

Symptoms of nicotine withdrawal (withdrawal syndrome). 
• Irritability.
• Sense of anxiety.
• Decreased attention.
• Depression.
• Headaches.
• Enhanced hunger.
• Pressure drop.

If a man argues his return to cigarettes as a pleasurable or soothing ritual, and sometimes by associating with different situations – meeting with friends, going out, morning beating, taking a break, then you should make adjustments to the usual rhythm of life having thought through your actions in these situations, and Consider the use of cigarette “substitutes”. This may be an inhaler, chewing gum, seeds (not recommended for men who tend to be overweight).

  1. Fill in the time for a smoke break, taking up a business for the soul. This will help switch attention from obsessive thoughts about smoking, relieve nervous tension.
  2. Enter an active lifestyle. It is confirmed that the exercises leading to an increase in the pulse for 15 minutes contribute to elevating the mood.
  3. If you find it difficult to cope with smoking at the sight of smokers, then minimize such communication, do not provoke yourselfunnecessarily.
  4. To combat smoking, the following methods are also used: psychotherapy, hypnosis, coding, acupuncture, laser therapy, reflexotherapy, drug therapy, and original methods (A.Karra, G. Shichko, Y.Sokolova, V.Zhdanova, T.Mamedova).
  5. It is important to have an organized approach to the process and a smoker’s calendar can help in analyzing his successes .

Diary of a smoking cessation

One of the ways to combat smoking is keeping a smoking diary. The method is based on self-control of tasks set for oneself based on the alleged changes in the body when you quit smoking. In the calendar, a man can paint tasks, ways to achieve them and his feelings. For example, a situation in which there is a desire to smoke and that helps to overcome cravings for cigarettes. When keeping a calendar, a man is recommended to note his feelings in the process of refusing cigarettes, these notes help to resist the desire to smoke a cigarette again and encourage the process to continue.

Starting a calendar is recommended from the quit smoking motivation record. The calendar includes physiological and psychological changes in the body when you quit smoking. Based on this information, a man can arrange his activities in time, because he has information about what will happen next day, how to act in a week and how he can counteract it.

To cope with nicotine addiction under the force of every man. Much depends on the understanding of the problem, the desire to quit smoking and the method chosen to achieve the goal. This is an undeniable component of the treatment of many diseases.

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